WP Reset Pro v5.56 - Advanded WordPress Reset Tools

WP Reset Pro

WP Reset Pro Quickly reset the site's database to its default settings without modifying any files. It clears all customizations and content, or only the selected part, such as theme settings.

WP Reset works fast and safely thanks to the integrated snapshots that provide one-click recovery. It has many insecure mechanisms so you can never accidentally lose data.

WP Reset Pro extremely useful for plugin and theme developers. It Speed ​​up testing & debugging by providing a quick way to reset settings and recheck the code. This is the only WP development tool for those who are not familiar with code.

Demo: https://wpreset.com/

WP Reset Pro plugin
WP Reset Pro plugin
WP Reset Pro plugin
WP Reset Pro plugin

Please read carefully before continuing to understand what WP Reset Pro does and remember to always create Snapshots


  • all posts, pages, custom post types, comments, media categories, users

  • All default WP database tables

  • All custom database tables have the same table prefix prefixes as the tables defined in wp-config.php and used by the default tables


  • media files - they are still in the directory wp-uploads has not been processed yet, but it will no longer be listed in Media in the admin

  • No files were touched; plugins, themes, uploads - everything is still there

  • site title, WordPress address, website address, website language and search engine display settings

  • The currently logged in user will be restored with the current username and password


  • Remember to always make snapshots first or back up the whole

  • You will have to confirm the action one more time because there is NO UNDO

  • everything will be reset; See bullet above for details

  • site title, WordPress address, website address, website language, search engine display settings as well as current users will be restored.

  • You will be logged out, automatically logged in, and taken to the admin panel

  • Plugin WP Reset will be reactivated if that option is selected in the following options reset


Before performing the reset, create a snapshots. This button is right next to the reset button and takes less than 10 seconds to create snapshots. After the reset is complete, if you need to undo it just restore the snapshots and that's it.


WP Reset Pro Comes with full WP-CLI support. Help with our WP-CLI commands is available through reset wp help . By default, the commands must be verified but you can use --yesOption to skip confirmation. Instead of an active user, the first user with administrator privileges found in the database will be restored after reset. Be careful when using WP Reset with WP-CLI - because with the GUI always create snapshots or backups first.

WP-CLI commands are currently supported:

  • wp reset reset

  • wp reset version

  • wp reset delete

  • wp reset snapshots

Snapshots DATA BASE

Database snapshots are copies of all WP database tables, standard and custom tables, saved in the database currently in use (as set by wp-config.php ). Files are not saved or included in snapshots by any means.

Snapshots are primarily a development tool. Although they can be used for backups (and downloaded as compressed SQL copies), we recommend finding a more suitable tool to perform backing up websites directly. Use snapshots to find out what changes a plugin has made to your database - what custom tables have been created, modified, deleted or what changes have been made to the site's settings. Or use it to quickly restore the development environment after checking database related changes.

Restore snapshots does not affect other snapshots or WP Reset settings. Snapshots can be compared to existing database tables, restored (by overwriting existing tables), exporting SQL scripts that have been compressed with ads or deleted. Creating snapshots on the average WordPress installation takes 1-2 seconds.


WP Reset Pro Has not yet been fully tested with multisite! Be careful when using it with multiple pages enabled. We do not recommend resetting the main site. Sub sites will be fine. We are working hard to make WP Reset Fully compatible with WP-MU. Until be careful. Thank you for your understanding.

Part reset tool

  • Transient deletion - delete all transient database items. Includes expiring and non-expiring periods, and orphaned expired items.

  • Delete upload - delete all files and folders in / uploads / directory.

  • Delete plugins - delete all plugins except WP Reset Pro still working.

  • Reset theme options - reset all options for all threads using the WP theme mod API.

  • Delete topic - delete all topics.

  • Empty or delete custom tables - empty (truncate) or delete (reduce) all custom database tables.

  • Delete .htaccess file - delete .htaccess file. If you need to edit .htaccess without FTP, use the plugin WP Htaccess Editor

  • See also: Summary WordPress Plugin Free premium, daily updates

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