wpDataTables v3.0.0 (+ addons) - Tables and Charts Manager for WordPress

wpDataTables is a powerful manager of flexible tables and charts as a WordPress plugin. Simple editing and management. Large data set is very fast (more than 10,000 rows). Spreadsheet responsive with few clicks.

Import Excel or CSV into editable tables. Perform operations. Editing a spreadsheet in WordPress is as easy as editing in Excel. Get table data from any source - Excel in MySQL. You do not know SQL? Use the query builder.

Demo: https://codecanyon.net/search/3958969

  • The features of the plugin wpDataTables - Tables and Charts Manager for WordPress

Feature wpDataTables plugin

  • Adaptability: You can use it for flexible wpDataTables tables in WordPress, which can be used on any device.

  • Very large tables: wpDataTables works very fast with large tables, up to a million rows. All operations will be handled by the MySQL server.

  • Editable: The wpDataTables table can be made available for editing - and WordPress users can edit the content of WordPress tables in a row or in the form of creation.

  • Filter and advanced search wpDataTables: allows you to create separate filters for your data set, which is handy for quickly narrowing down the results of your WordPress tables.

  • Using this WordPress plugin, you can select cells, rows, and columns depending on their content - in Excel this function is called Conditional Formatting.

  • Schemas and diagrams: Each WordPress table can be used as a data source to create WordPress diagrams. The chart is displayed by 3 powerful transmitters and can change in real time.

  • Report creator: Tired of having to fill the same document multiple times? The plugin report generator automates document creation on your WordPress site - all you need to do is prepare the templates. Provide any DOCX or XLSX template - for example, using the company form you already have with your logo and business information.

wpDataTables - Tables and Charts Manager for WordPress v3.0.0 Changelog
- Design: New fresh admin UI.
- New page: New Dashboard page with lots of useful information and guides.
- New page: New detailed System Info page which simplifies resolving external conflicts.
- Feature: New Popup First-launch Guide with feature explanations for new users.
- Feature: New options like Feature suggestion, Subscription and lot more.
- Feature: Added new hook to filter URL of PHP array tables (wpdatatables_filter_url_php_array($url, $tableID)).
- Bugfix: Fixed issue with creating tables from Google spreadsheet.
- Bugfix: Fixed pagination layout for the new skins.
- Bugfix: Fixed JS error that appeared when connection in table wizard was changed on dropdown change on connection in table wizard.
- Bugfix: Fixed issue with removing All SQL columns and All post properties field when tables are removed from Selected SQL tables or Selected post types.
- Bugfix: Fixed issue with Excel like editing and separate connection.
- Bugfix: Fixed issue with not showing details in tab for separate connection.
- Bugfix: Fixed issue with customJS field with HTML entities.
- Bugfix: Fixed issue with predefined edit value for multiselect.
- Bugfix: Fixed issue with loading Report Builder edit modal and download button.
- Bugfix: Fixed conflict with checkbox modal and regular checkbox in filters.
- Bugfix: Fixed issue with inline editing date column and two ajax calls.
- Bugfix: Fixed issue with masterdetail column type.
- Bugfix: Fixed issue with current post id placeholder.
- Bugfix: Fixed issue with showing decimals in charts tooltip.
- Bugfix: Fixed issue with Gutenberg hooks.
- Bugfix: Fixed issue with sum shortcodes and server-side tables.
- Compatibility with WordPress 5.4.2 confirmed.
- Other small bug fixes and stability improvements.

  • Addons wpDataTables - Tables and Charts Manager for WordPress:

  • Report Builder for wpDataTables v1.1.8

  • Gravity Forms integration for wpDataTables v1.2.3 (update)

  • Powerful Filters for wpDataTables v1.1 (update)

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