5 reasons B2B businesses need to do Google Marketing today

5 reasons businesses need to do Google Marketing today

If you wonder "Does a B2B business need to invest a budget in Google Marketing (SEO and Google Ads)?? ”

Then with Google advertising experience for hundreds of large and small B2B companies and for self, SEONGON would like to confirm 100% to you that: HAVE.

Very necessary and done as soon as possible.

If you want to know why, take 10 minutes to learn in the article below!

B2B customers are very active in researching and searching on Google

Since the Internet exploded in the 2000s, consumer behavior (including B2B customers) has since changed.

In the past, when there were no search engines, the journey of researching a product relied heavily on word of mouth, newspaper advertising and relationships. At that time information about a product business is relatively scarce.

Now, with just a few simple queries, millions of information about businesses, products of all kinds, advantages and disadvantages will be presented to us as a buffet party. .

This change also has a part of the labor structure shift, when Millennials (born after 1980) account for more than 50% of B2B customers. (According to Google and Millward Brown Digital statistics)

Millennials have easier access to new technologies and are less influenced by traditional methods, so B2B customers' online search behavior increases.

Also to prove this, according to another statistic of Demand Gen, more 61% of B2B decision makers Start your solution research by searching on Google.

77% of B2B shoppers said they would not contact the sales staff again if not find out first on Google.(CEB)

All the above figures indicate that Businesses that do not do Google Marketing (SEO and Google Ads) are wasting opportunities to reach customers How much

Now, when faced with any (important) decisions, especially for B2B buyers, The first thing they do is Search Google.

They search to search for many different options.

They search to assess the reliability of the business.

They search to learn about the product.

And many other purposes.

As shown in the picture below, if previously doing B2B business marketing, this activity could only cover the stage of finding solutions, now with Google Marketing, you can cover the whole step comparing options .

Google Marketing B2B - B2B customer decision-making journey

The impact of MKT on B2B customer decision-making journey: Traditional vs Modern

So, appearing at the "finding" touch point becomes even more urgent than ever.

Increase brand awareness - Your business always appears first in the minds of customers

Unlike B2C businesses or other retail industries, B2B customer decision-making takes longer and often requires the unity of a group of people.

In addition to considering the value of orders (usually very large), B2B customers will consider the features and advantages of products and services logically, even they request surveys and samples. to try on. Moreover, the benefits are good for businesses, the return on investment ratio is top priority when evaluating any options.

Because customer journeys are so complex and time-consuming, Your brand must always be in the minds of B2B customers - Top of mind - so that when it comes to selecting suppliers, your brand is at least on the list of considerations.

Google Ads Remarketing is the answer to this problem.

SEO and search advertising can often only help businesses reach customers in their first research steps. In order to pursue and approach them in the entire decision-making journey, an overall Digital marketing plan including marketing is essential.

How B2B works - remarketing advertising

How Remarketing works

* Focusing on Remarketing advertising is also one of the solutions that SEONGON aims to provide B2B services to businesses.

Create credibility for businesses

In the process of working with hundreds of different B2B businesses, SEONGON found that the reading of useful and professionally presented information greatly influenced the regulation of B2B customer groups. (61% of B2B customers will evaluate the business website before using the service)

So not to mention SEO or Google Ads to get to the Top, your business must first have a standard website with neatly presented business information and content that creates credibility.

However, your business may not always see your brand on search engines.

And this is the time Google Marketing can help your business solve this problem, reach the right people at the right time.

More, misinformation about businesses appearing in the online environment is very likely. This information may come from unfair competition, agency errors or customer misunderstandings, etc.

If such circumstances occur, businesses need to do SEO to solve thoroughly, avoid affecting the reputation of the business.

Doing SEO is not just to be TOP Content on the TOP needs to be STANDARD and EXACT with the message your business wants. Those are also the values ​​that SEONGON aims to consult for B2B businesses.

Take the following example to help you visualize:

X - a famous enterprise specializing in providing kitchen appliances in Vietnam. After a period of operation, on the Internet appeared articles and search queries revolving around the "X scam".

These articles emerge from the unfair competition activities of competitors. And worse, these keywords are suggested when users search for information related to "X". This has seriously reduced the reputation of this business.

To solve this problem, Enterprise X needed thorough SEO and provided accurate content for users. As a result, Enterprise X was able to regain its credibility with the corrections, widely covered in the newspaper.

The same thing could be happening with your B2B business. And SEO will be a solution for you to solve this problem.

Enterprise X scam

If a customer searches for "X scams" - they will be reassured with true content

* Also a lot of B2B businesses were able solve the problem of increasing the reputation for businesses on the online environment with the implementation of SEO brand keyword sets for businesses. Thereby significantly reducing the content of inaccurate, false and create confidence for potential customers.

If your business is having similar wishes. Contact SEONGON for more details.

Google Marketing B2B - CTA SEO

There are many opportunities for B2B businesses to do Google Marketing

SEO or search engine optimization, part of Google Marketing, has been around the world for over 20 years, and in the Vietnamese market, it has been around 17 years. And Google Ads has started to become more popular within the last 6, 7 years.

It seems that with such a long time, along with more and more businesses focusing on Google Marketing (SEOer and advertising staff are always in the TOP of the most recruited jobs), will make competition on the search network more and more difficult.

SEO jobs

If the search "SEO Jobs" will have more than 43 million results displayed, a relatively high number compared to other industries.

Yes, by 2020, making Google Marketing very competitive. Especially for B2C businesses or e-commerce industries, the industries have been forced to invest in this form for a long time to keep up with the shopping behavior of users. (51% of shoppers use Google to search for products, according to Think With Google 2019)

But judging from SEONGON's practical consulting experience, SEO or Google Ads jobs for some B2B industries still have a lot of potential.

Many times SEONGON has met businesses sitting on a "gold mine" without even knowing when the product keyword, keyword keyword has a large amount of search but very little (or no) competitors in the same industry. doing SEO or even running Google Ads.

So your job is to immediately search your products and services, see if your business appears? Competitors like? Has anyone run ads yet? From the actual situation of the industry that has the best choice.

SEONGON's advice:

1. Even if many businesses already do SEO but you evaluate their content has not solved all the problems of customers or you think you can absolutely do better. That is an opportunity for you to step in, but to do as soon as possible because SEO takes a long time to see the effect.

2. In case no one has run Google Ads on the market yet, it is also a great opportunity for you. When you will definitely appear in the top TOP position with a moderate budget, even cheap.

In addition, running Google Ads can also be an effective strategy to dominate the search network market share when competitors have done good SEO but no one has invested in advertising.

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Building a sustainable marketing platform - A solution to the situation when events occur

The Covid 19 epidemic in Vietnam has only been relatively peaceful for the past 2 months, but no one is sure that such pandemics will not happen again in the future.

The consequences of this pandemic were devastating: many businesses had to declare bankruptcy. (In the first quarter of 2020, More than 34,900 businesses withdrew from the market)

The main reason: without customers, revenue cannot make up for costs.

To survive, businesses need to cut back thoroughly, and marketing activities will often be the first "up board" target. According to 1 statistic at the beginning of March of Influencer Marketing Hub, 69% of businesses expect to cut spending on advertising spending activities.

69% of businesses will reduce spending on Google Marketing B2B advertising

The most specific and visible are Facebook Ads and Google Ads ads

When every business tightens spending, 1 dollar of your advertising can generate less profit, maybe even a loss. Ad cuts are inevitable. Then we need to find other options.

Now we have to ask ourselves:

  • What is the marketing platform of the business?

  • How do we reach customers if we do not run ads?

For 1 business, marketing platform can include brand reputation, customer insight, market experience, etc., which can help you set the stage for effective marketing.

However, when the disease situation makes everything online, when all the statistics show that B2B customers search a lot online the most valuable and necessary marketing platform right now is your website, and your content store.

And if you have done SEO, the marketing platforms that promote your value.

SEONGON knows that some B2B businesses have invested in SEO before and can still live well in the season because the traffic to the site remains stable even without running ads.

In addition, other marketing platforms (online) will be very valuable to you at this time can be mentioned:

  • Youtube channel: 72% of B2B customers watch videos of products and services provided during the search for a solution (Theo Think With Google).

  • Google My business and Google Maps: a set of tools that help businesses build credibility, provide enough information and increase the chance of appearing to potential customers.

As threats such as Covid are lurking, developing multichannel and building a solid marketing platform is essential to ensure a sustainable future for your business.

Crisis always gives us two options: to become part of history or part of the future - Mai Xuan Dat - CEO SEONGON

Do you want your business to be history or part of the future? The decision is yours today.

* SEONGON itself has "survived" through this difficult period thanks to many years of building a reputable brand in the industry by providing sustainable value to customers. Many patrons have introduced and looked to SEONGON during this COVID period to use the service.

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Since the advent of search engines (Google), user decision-making behavior has changed a lot.

Now when it comes to trading B2B products, people don't just think of cold calls, relationships or closing sales on a "drinking table," People also think about researching information online and searching Google.

So when customers change we need to change accordingly. We need to show up and convince them at as many touch points as possible.

And Google Marketing (SEO and Google Ads) would be the perfect solution to help you accomplish that task.

SEONGON hopes through this article, your B2B business will have serious thoughts about investing in Google Marketing activities.

In addition, if you still have questions about this issue, do not hesitate to contact SEONGON for detailed advice.

Performed by SEONGON - Google Marketing Agency

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