Calendarista Premium v9.5.4 - WP Appointment Booking Plugin and Schedule System

Calendarista Premium

Calendarista Premium is an online calendaring system for wordpress. Calendarista is software designed to provide faster and more efficient online booking experience for your customers.

Target of Typps is making businesses quick and easy to add their services and start accepting online reservations. If you are a person who wants a complete hotel reservation system, car rental, apartment rental, travel agency, beauty salon, restaurant, etc., you will be able to activate your website. to book online quickly and easily.

Calendarista plugin Calendarista Premium offers 10 booking modes, 3 payment gateways and if that is not enough, it also supports WooCommerce, custom form builder, adds flexible options, google map to set departure point and destinations and distance calculation and route cost, ancillary calendar to see your appointments, just to name a few features.


  • Salient Features Calendarista Premium - WP Appointment Booking Plugin and Schedule System

The only reservation plugin you need, WordPress number one booking plugin

  • Avoid overbooking

  • Optimized for mobile phones, thank you bootstrap

  • A simple standout system that stands out and encourages people to book.

  • Easy and fast booking system with as few steps as possible.

  • Activation booking directly on your website. There are no third party websites involved.

Calendarista WordPress booking plugin

Customers can only book what you have available

  • Avoid overbooking: If you only have limited locations available to book, you may receive more requests than you can handle in a given day. This will result in overbooking if you are using a simple contact form as a booking form.

  • But with Calendarista Premium You will not encounter this problem. Customers can only book what you have available. You will be able to adjust available seats and set holidays and synchronize availability with third party systems that can publish and consume iCAL feeds. This means your business is always up to date.

Calendarista - Avoid overbooking

Tailor it to your needs

  • Discover the smartest booking plugin Calendarista Premium, can make the most adjustments in your life. Designed with simplicity in mind, your guests will be able to book a room easily.

The most powerful booking system

  • With over 10 official ways to make a reservation, there's something for almost every type of business. Calendarista offers a wide range of must-have features to book in advance, creating a pretty strong case for anyone considering becoming a Calendarista.

first. The exact day

Book an appointment available at any specific date.

2. Specific Date and Time

Book an appointment for any available day and online time . Selecting a time may allow multiple positions and may be limited by seats.

3. A date with a time range

The time slots are intelligent, original and creative. The start and end slots will adjust to allow range selection.

4. Date and time range

Calendarista - Date and time range

Choose a valid date range. When the date range includes a date, the time slots will adjust to allow valid ranges.

5. Set a date range

Calendarista - booking a date range

Multiple consecutive days can be booked in a range. When booking multiple days, you will also be able to activate a special charge that applies based on the selected number of days.

6. Book a round trip

Calendarista - Booking a round trip

Need to set up a trip to somewhere? Perfect! You can choose a departure date and a return date. Return dates may include a separate fixed cost.

7. Change the booking date

Calendarista - Changeover days booking

Each hotel has a dedicated conversion date, which is the day a customer signs up while someone checks out. A typical setting for hotels is to check out in the morning and check in in the afternoon and vice versa.

8. Place the package

Calendarista - booking a package

Plan for a top super package deal. When a customer places a package, they are ordering a grouped date group together. Availability can also be controlled by seats.

9. Round trip with time

Calendarista - Round trip with time Add some precision to your round trips. Round trip trips may include times such as during the pick-up date and time Time and release date and time Time.

ten. Timeslots with break time

Calendarista - Timeslots with padding

If your service requires preparation time before and after the appointment, you can easily set the buffer to accommodate this scenario.

Calendarista Premium - WordPress Appointment Booking Plugin and Schedule Systems v9.5.4 Changelog
- Added: Single day and time range now supports group booking.
- Fixed: improved guests to respect the remaining seats value when group booking is not enabled.
- Fixed: ical feeds description truncated the extra info such as seats, custom form fields, guests, etc.
- Fixed: saving style template in services -> styles -> advanced caused styling issues.

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