How to check Gmail capacity (Google Drive) very fast

Google Drive is a service very familiar to computer users as well as phones. If it's a free account, Google will give you 15GB of storage space. And all applications like Google Drive, Gmail, Google Photos all use the same application. So, when you want check Gmail storage Or Google Drive in general, how do you do it?

This problem is not difficult. And you can easily view details of the resources you have stored. You can see how much space your documents have uploaded to Google Drive. You can also easily check how much Gmail you have used up. And the same, with the photos you sync to your account too. In the content of this article, Do Bao Nam Blog will share with you details, full of ways for you to do this.

Video sharing how to check the capacity of Gmail, Google Drive

In this video, Do Bao Nam Blog shares with very brief content. But I still fully mention about the device. So when you watch, you probably know how to check your Gmail storage on your computer, or on your phone.

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How to check the amount of Gmail on the phone

When you send mail, work with Google Drive ..., the documents will be stored into Google Drive. Or for those who use Android phones, if you sync data, the photos / videos you take will automatically be synced to Google Drive.

So how to check Google Drive storage on phone? The steps you take are very simple. From the Google Drive app on your phone, click the menu in the upper left corner, then select Storage. You can also view all of your Google Drive storage, including Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos.

And also here, if you want to increase Google Drive storage, you just need to buy the appropriate storage plan. At the present time, in addition to the free 15GB package, you can buy an additional 100GB package for 450,000 VND / year. Or if you need more, you can buy a higher package like 200GB for 690,000 VND / year.

How to check the amount of Gmail on the phone
Steps for you to check the amount of Gmail on your phone. These steps are numbered in 1-2-3 order as shown in the picture.

How to check the amount of Gmail on your computer

Job check Gmail storage It's easy to see how much you use on your computer. You have many ways to do this. You can go directly to Google One page to view memory information. Or from any Google service page, go to the memory section.

The first way: Direct access to Google One page. You only need to visit the website Soon, you will see all information about the memory you have used. This information is divided into 3 parts, including Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos.

The second way: after you have logged into the Google service website. Well, from any given site, such as You click on Google applications, select Drive. Then, under Memory on the left menu, you can see how much space you've used. If you want to see more details, click on buy memory. Then select Memory in the left menu. Here, you will see the interface exactly the first way I implemented.

How to access Google Driver on the fastest computer
First you go to Drive ...

Then in the Memory section on the left menu
Then in the Memory section on the left menu. For example in this photo, Do Bao Nam Blog has 7.4GB / 15GB of space.

So in this article, Do Bao Nam Blog has just shared with you about How to check Google Drive storage both on computers and on phones. Do Bao Nam Blog hopes this information will be helpful to you! Thank you for visiting the website!

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