How to convert PowerPoint to high quality photos is very simple

With Powerpoint software, you don't just use it to create professional presentation slides. But on this software there are many extremely useful features. You can record screen videos with Powerpoint. Or you can make videos, audio recordings and many other interesting features.

And in the post How to use Powerpoint No. 16, Do Bao Nam Blog continues to share a good feature on this software. The slides after you are done, you can completely export the image file with high resolution. You can convert to popular image formats such as jpg, gif, png ... So, how to convert PowerPoint to image How? Right below this, Do Bao Nam Blog will share full, detailed with you on this content.

Advantages of converting Powerpoint to images directly on the software

This way, you do not need to install any other party software. You also do not need to convert ppt to jpg or other image formats online. By transferring online for low quality images. Especially this way there are many potential security risks, you are vulnerable to viruses ...

Also, when converting from Powerpoint to image file directly, you will get high quality images. That's what other software you install, or convert online, can't do. So forget about all of the above inefficient methods. Let's convert PowerPoint to image directly on the software's interface.

In addition, the use of Powerpoint software is very simple. And almost everyone has used this software. Moreover, this software is one of the software that almost every computer installs. It is very useful in work and study.

Video sharing how to convert Powerpoint to high quality images

In this video content, Do Bao Nam Blog are using Powerpoint 2019. With all other Powerpoint versions you do the same. Especially with Powerpoint 2013, 2016, or newer versions, the software's interface is quite similar to the 2019 version. Particularly for Powerpoint 2010 and earlier versions like Powerpoint 2007 ..., basically the steps you take show similar. The only difference is that the interface of the software looks different, but the steps you follow are similar to the video below:

Video sharing how to convert ppt files to jpg and other image formats.

How to convert Powerpoint files to jpg, png, gif ...

You can convert individual slides to images. Or you can turn all slides into pictures. These operations you perform quite simple. And after you have prepared the slide, the steps to save the Powerpoint file as an image are as follows:

Step 1: You press the key combination Ctrl + Shift + S. This key combination applies to all versions of Powerpoint. Therefore, whether you use Powerpoint versions 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019 ... or other versions, just press the key combination Ctrl + Shift + S is to be.

Step 2: When the window Save As appears, you need to set some information. First you need to choose the folder to save the image file. You can then name the image file in File name. And the most important step, is to choose the format for the clear image Save as type below. You can choose jpg, png, gif, or another format as you like. In case you want to create an animation, choose the gif format. After setup is complete, click on Save. That's it

How to convert PowerPoint to high quality photos is very simple
Press Ctrl + Shift + S. Then the Save As window appears, and you follow the order annotated by Do Bao Nam Blog in the image.

And after clicking Save, you can go to the folder you just selected to open the image file you just had convert PowerPoint to image. Here's how to save a Powerpoint file as an image that applies to all Powerpoint versions. Therefore, you do not need to care which version of Powerpoint you are using. However, if the best image quality, the more the latest version, the higher the image quality.

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