How to convert PowerPoint to Word extremely fast and simple

When working on Office software, it does convert Powerpoint to Word or vice versa is quite common. And in fact, you have many ways of doing this. Have you thought of how to convert Online. Or maybe you are thinking of installing some software to convert ppt files into Word.

But in fact, you should not use the above methods. Right on the Powerpoint software, this software already supports you convert PowerPoint files to Word files. You do not need to install any other software. You also do not need to upload your documents to a website to convert online. Please perform this conversion right on the interface of the software.

How to convert Powerpoint files to Word directly?

The way that Do Bao Nam Blog shares in the video / image below is the simplest way to help you easily convert from ppt file format to doc / docx. This way has many advantages such as simple usage. Because Powerpoint is the common software on most computers. And this software is also learned in schools.

In addition, you will not need to install any additional software. That is an advantage of this method. Because if you install additional software to convert Powerpoint to Word, then just heavier machine. Which these software does not guarantee safety for computers. Therefore, you do not need to install any additional software.

If you choose How to switch from PowerPoint to Word online, this way there are many problems. Using this method may result in font errors after converting. In particular, this way has many potential security risks. Therefore, converting ppt to doc / docx directly on Powerpoint software is the perfect choice.

Video sharing how to convert Powerpoint to the latest Word

In this video, Do Bao Nam Blog is using Powerpoint version 2019. This is one of the most popular versions today. Powerpoint 2019 has many new features, better user support. For example when you want Make videos with Powerpoint, you can completely export Powerpoint to high quality video up to 4K. Similarly, you can easily convert from Powerpoint file to Word without worrying about font errors.

The video shares in detail the steps to convert from ppt format to doc / docx format.

Instructions on how to convert Powerpoint to Word through artwork

This you do is quite simple. With just two brief steps, you can turn all slides into Word. After transferring, you just need to customize in Word file to make the content in Word file more beautiful and professional. The detailed steps you follow are as follows:

Step 1: From the Powerpoint file you want, just click File on the menu. Then select Export in the menu on the left. And next, you click on Create Handouts. Then, you click on Create Handouts in the content.

Step 2: When the Send to Microsoft Word dialog box appears, select Notes next to slides. Or, depending on your needs you can choose the options below. In case you want the content of the Word file to update according to the Powerpoint file, then check the Paste Link line. In this example, the Do Bao Nam Blog defaults to Paste. Then, click Ok to start transferring Powerpoint files to Word.

Instructions on how to convert Powerpoint to Word through artwork
After you have prepared the slide to convert to the file doc / docx, the order of steps to convert can be done as annotated in the image.

Instructions on how to convert Powerpoint to Word through illustrations - B2
In step 2, choose Notes next to slides or another option as needed. Then click on OK.

Word file after being exported, you can customize it beautifully. And normally the Word file will automatically generate a table of 3 columns. You can display this table, then delete unnecessary columns. You just leave the content column in the middle, other columns you can delete. After you've deleted, you can hide the border of the table to make the Word file look more professional.

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