How to create high quality gif (animation) with Powerpoint

Before, when wanted Create gif From photos / videos, you often think of Photoshop software. Or, have you quickly thought of how to create gif images online. But, for now, forget about these ways. Because, if you use Photoshop, you must know how to master this software. But using Photoshop is not easy, and most of us do not know, or just know to do some basic operations on this software.

Still with how to create gif online, at first glance this sounds good. But keep trying, this way has a lot of limitations. Typically the image quality is very poor. Moreover, the disclosure of your image / video is unavoidable. Even worse, if you open an insecure website, your computer could be infected with a virus.

And now, forget all the animations above. Use it right on the Powerpoint software. This is a software that almost every computer needs. Powerpoint is a software in the Microsoft Office suite. Therefore, you do not need to use any additional gif creation software.

Advantages of creating gif images with Powerpoint

If you are in need of animations from photos or videos, Powerpoint is your great choice. Using this method has many advantages, namely:

Image quality: This is a great advantage when you make gif images from videos or images. If you used to use some online websites in the past, the quality of the images you received was always disappointing. Now, with powerpoint, the quality of animation after creation can be up to Full HD (1080p) resolution, or even higher if newer versions support it.

Using simple: Compared to other software, then How to use Powerpoint software pretty simple. And this software was learned by everyone in the school chair. Therefore, using Powerpoint to create animations is extremely simple.

Easy to customize time, effects of gif images: If you create animations online, this is extremely difficult, or even impossible. On Photoshop, this software is quite difficult to use. But on Powerpoint, you can easily create effects first and last, set the time of appearance of each image ...

Video tutorial on creating high quality gif images using Powerpoint.

The video below has been shared by Do Bao Nam Blog on Youtube channel. And if you're looking to create high quality animations, don't miss the video below. It will be very helpful to you. As long as your device already has Powerpoint software installed, creating high quality gif images will now be extremely simple. Detailed operations you can refer directly to the following content:

Video shared on Youtube channel of Do Bao Nam Blog. If not registered, ab

Instructions on how to make animations from photos / videos on Powerpoint

In the content below, Do Bao Nam Blog will share details with you about creating animations through illustrations. That image is the animation created from Powerpoint software. With just one illustration below, you can immediately understand the steps needed to create a gif.

The first thing you need is a Powerpoint slide ready. If you want to create animations from a video, then you first need to Insert video into Powerpoint. Then you can cut a video to create animation right on this software. If you want to create animations from images, then you also need to insert pictures into the slide. Each slide you will insert 1 image. If you have a photo transition effect, you can create an effect in Powerpoint so that the photo after creation becomes more beautiful.

Suppose Do Bao Nam Blog has prepared 3 Powerpoint slides. And the first thing I need to do is Insert image into Powerpoint. Each image corresponds to 1 slide. After you have prepared the slide to export to a gif, the steps you follow are as follows:

Instructions on how to make animations from photos / videos on Powerpoint
After you have prepared the slide, the steps to create the gif you follow as in this image. This is also an animation created from Powerpoint software. This image has been compressed, but the image quality is still excellent. Photos reach Full HD resolution.

Some other ways to create high quality gif images

In addition to the way you use Powerpoint software, there are many ways to create beautiful animations. But, basically Powerpoint is still the most comprehensive solution. You can create effects to images that many other ways do not. At the same time, using this way the gif image will achieve high quality, clear images.

Other gif creation software you can use, like Photoshop. However, this method only applies to you know how to use this software. Also, if you do that often record video with Camtasia, this is also a great software for creating animations. Besides screen video recording, video editing ... then you can create high quality animations from photos / videos.

The article How to create high quality gif (animated image) with Powerpoint first appeared on Do Bao Nam Blog.


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