Instructions on how to take the survey on Google Drive [HAY]

Google survey also known as Google form is a very familiar service that Google provides absolutely free. This service allows you to easily create a survey form to receive feedback from customers / partners. The advantage of this service is that you are free to use. At the same time, you can easily share this survey link to anywhere. You can share on social networks like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter or any website.

Besides, how to do a survey on Google Drive is also very simple. The only requirement is that you need to have a Gmail account. And this account is definitely in this technology era, everyone has at least one or even a few accounts. So, how to create a survey on Google? All are in the share below of Do Bao Nam Blog.

Video sharing how to create a survey form on Google

This video is made by Do Bao Nam Blog in a very complete but extremely concise manner. The time of the video has been optimized so that you only need to take a few minutes to watch the video to be able to create professional survey questionnaires yourself. Invite you to watch the content in the video below:

How to make a detailed Google Drive survey

To take a Google survey, first make sure you have a Gmail account. If not, quickly register yourself for an account. And how to create Gmail It's also very simple, it's also completely free. After making sure you have a Google account, the steps you follow are as follows:

Step 01: Visit the Google Forms website.

You click on the link Then, click on the plus sign to start creating online surveys as required. Alternatively, you can choose a template Google form survey availability and revision.

Log into the Google Forms page to start creating forms
After you have logged in, Google will take you to the Google homepage of the form. If you have previously created a Google Form, this page will display a list of the forms you have created. As in this picture, Do Bao Nam Blog does not have any forms. And to create a new one, click the plus sign, or choose an existing template.

Step 02: Write content for the survey.

You enter the content from top to bottom. The first is the title and description of the survey link. Then you write the questions to create votes. At the same time, you choose the answer type for each question accordingly.

Enter a title and description for Google forms
You enter the title and description content. The description you can add facebook icons, or other icons to add eye-catching.

If you want to write more questions, just click Add question in the right toolbar. Then, you continue to write content for Google survey form. So on until you write down all the questions to ask customers / users ...

Enter the main content for Google forms
You enter content for Google forms. Here, you need to write the question, choose the type of answer for the guest to answer. If you want guest answers to be required, turn on the mandatory mode as shown in the picture.

Enter additional questions for Google Form
To write additional questions for Google Form, click the plus sign as shown. If you want to insert a photo / video, click the image / video icon ...

In case any question you want users to be required to fill in information, you can tick Required. When the user responds to the survey by the link you send, then the sentences you mark will require them to answer.

Step 03: Set up answers for the survey form

After you have completed the survey form, the last thing you need to do is set up the answer. On the website interface, click the Answers tab. You can enable notifications when users reply. You can also name Excel files that contain user input. This Excel file will be saved in your Google Drive account.

Set up for responses when users respond to Google Form
To set your answer, click the Answers tab. Then, in item (1), choose the destination for the answer. In part (2), you can turn on the notification when a new answer.

Set up Receive email notifications for new answers
When you click on the 3 dots in item number (2), you will see a menu of some features. Just click on Get email notifications for new replies to get notified when someone replies.

And so on here is the whole share on how to create survey forms on Google. With just 3 short, simple steps, you can create your own votes to receive information from customers or users. And the remaining job is to copy this link to share to the places you need.

Refer to the survey link created following the steps above:

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