Instructions on how to view the most accurate Gmail account creation date

If normal, we usually will not care Gmail account creation date. However, when you need it, many of you will not know how to know the date and time to create a Gmail account. This problem will be quite simple when you still have access to the account. But in those cases you are in need recover Google account, then you will not be able to access your account. So is there any way to know this time? The answer is yes, but it will depend on each account.

And in this article, Do Bao Nam Blog will share with you all the ways to view Gmail registration date. Depending on the circumstances, you can apply accordingly. As long as you can tell when the time to create a Google account is. Details of these ways are illustrated by Do Bao Nam Blog in the video and image below:

Video sharing how to see Gmail creation date (03 ways)

In this video content, Do Bao Nam Blog will share fully 03 ways to do it. However, whether or not you can see the time depends on your account. For example, those who rarely or never delete a message, you can easily see this exact time.

The second way in the video, you can also see the exact date of creating Gmail. But, the requirement is that you still have to be signed in to Gmail. In case you are no longer able to log in, you cannot apply.

And then, you have to move to the 3rd way. This is also how to see someone else's Gmail creation date. But, it is only true in certain cases. In case you lost your Gmail account and are recovering, this may be helpful for you. Invite you to see the details of the video below ...

Instructions on how to view the date of creating Gmail through illustrations

Similar to the video above, Do Bao Nam Blog is divided into 03 specific cases. You can see the details through the artwork.

Method 01: See Gmail creation date in inbox

You just need to find the Google welcome message right after creating your account. If there are too many messages in your inbox, you can search your inbox for the keyword "Complete your new Google Account setup." Then you open this mail to see the date set up Gmail.

Instructions on how to view Gmail creation dates via Google welcome mail.
Instructions on how to view Gmail creation dates via Google welcome mail.

Method 02: View account creation date in the settings

If you have deleted the welcome message, there is still another way for you to see the Gmail account creation date. This way you perform is also very simple. First, simply log in to Google Gmail.

Instructions on how to view Gmail creation date through the settings
First, click on the settings in the Gmail page. You then select View all installation options. Next, click Forward and POP / IMAP. Later in this section, you will see the account creation time.

Method 3: See the time to create a Google account via Youtube channel

In the above 02 ways, you can see Gmail creation time while you are still logged in However, if you are losing a Google account, and you want to see when your account was created, you cannot apply the two ways. Which you must use another way.

Therefore, Do Bao Nam Blog will share one more tip so you can know the time to create a Gmail account. This way is right after creating Gmail, you create a Youtube channel now. Or, you will find the relative time if after creating Gmail, later you also create a Youtube channel. If your account does not create a YouTube channel, you cannot use this method. The steps you follow are as follows:

  • Step 01: Navigate to your Youtube channel
  • Step 02: In the channel introduction, in this section you will know the time to create channels. This time will match the time to create Gmail if after creating gmail, you create a Youtube channel immediately.

Details of how to view this 3rd Gmail account creation time can be viewed directly in the video content above. If you need further assistance, please comment below the video for further assistance. Thank you!

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