Top 5 offline games for pc, Latop played the most in 2020

If you like playing games on your computer, but your computer does not have a network connection (internet), please refer to some easy-to-play games, and especially without the network, also play carefree.

Top 5 offline games for computers, Laptop

1: The hottest terrain racing game 2019 - Crashday.

racing gameCar racing games will definitely not let you down, you will experience the feeling of high speed, but you must focus on handling situations to avoid a collision on the track, to reach the destination you have to overcome the riders to play. Very nice graphics, but very suitable for computers, laptops with low profile play smoothly.

Video game demo Crashday

2: The classic Pikachu game.

Oh, the second most popular game among office-burning sisters is pika chu, a famous game for many years in the office world. Game try fast hands quickly eye, with many different ways to play different ways, you will have to practice a very high level, play pikachu game you will train the eye, and the collective focus. Note that this game should only be played for 1 hour a day, if playing too much will make you tired eyes.

Pikachu GameDownload here : Download Game Pikachu for win xp, 7, 8, 10 Download classic pikachu Game

3: Counter Strike 1.6

Although it was born many years ago, this is still the favorite shooter, when there is no internet, it is still possible to connect to the network in the same room to do a few rounds of gun battles. And it's good to play alone with auto. With sustained success, the game publisher has also launched Counter Strike Online versions version 1 and version 2 but have been banned in some countries because the images in the game are too realistic.

haflife gameGame with beautiful graphics, can be played on weak machines produced since 199. With the name Half Life (hybrid) legendary 8x gaming world and also 9x the game is now 20 years old. but the identity does not have to change, but still has its own appeal.

4: Ashen: Adventure game in the style of Dark Souls

Ashen is a classic role-playing game but you will fight with strange monsters, flying and camouflage will make you surprised.

Minimum configuration to play the game Ashen

  • OS: Windows 7 - 64bit

  • CPU: Intel Core i3 @ 3.5GHz / AMD FX-4170

  • RAM: 4GB.

  • GRAPHICS: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 / AMD R7 270X (2GB VRAM)


  • Hard Drive: 15GB.

Recommended configuration

  • OS: Windows 10 - 64bit

  • CPU: Intel Core i5 @ 3.5GHz / AMD FX 6 Core

  • RAM: 8GB

  • GRAPHICS: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 / AMD R9 290X (4GB VRAM)


  • Hard Drive: 15GB.

Video game play test Ashen

5: This War of Mine: The ultimate survival game masterpiece.

Today's famous online survival game like PUBG is loved by people all over the world.If your computer or laptop has no network, I will recommend you an extremely attractive survival game. was This War of Mine, a Polish masterpiece replicating the war in Bosnia. Immerse yourself in a soldier fighting in the context of brutal war, where you must make many decisions to overcome difficulties and survive.

The main goal of the player is to search for items to make, weapons left over

Demo video

See hundreds more types of offline games for computers here:

And there are hundreds of other types of games on the website: TamQuocChien

How much should you play games everyday?

When playing games we often have to sit a lot, and intense exercise leads to fatigue, especially the eyes will have to work a lot, so the advice is to only play for about 30 minutes, then stand up and walk, then continue. keep playing. Each computer should only sit about 2-3 hours.

Beyond this time you should be active, go out with friends, or play soccer to avoid nearsightedness.

I wish you happy gaming without affecting your health.

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