Ultimate Member Followers Addon v2.1.9

Ultimate Member Followers Addon v2.1.9

With the Ultimate Member Followers Addon extension, you can increase user interaction on your site by allowing users to follow each other.

main function

  • Add follow / unfollow buttons to user profile

  • Displays following followers / stats on their profile

  • Add the following / unfollow buttons to the profile card on member folders

  • Displays the number of followers / tracking metrics on the profile card on the member directories

  • Only allow users to limit their profile to their followers

  • Allow users to limit their profile profile to only those they follow

  • Users receive email notifications when someone follows them

  • Users can turn off email notifications from their account page

  • Displays people who follow users and / or people they are following in the siderbar with widgets

  • Determines whether user roles can track other users

  • Limit what roles a user role can follow

Integrate with other extensions

  • Notifications - Users can receive notifications when someone follows them

  • Private messaging - Add restrictions that follow pivate messages that give users more control over who can send them a private message: //ultimHRember.com/wp-content/uploads/edd/ 2017/06 / followers1.png

See also: Summary Ultimate Member Plugin Support for continuous updates

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