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Influencer selection index In this process, Celeb will be the best choice for businesses looking to increase brand awareness. This influercer group helps the brand reach a large audience. Especially if new products or new brands want to penetrate the Vietnamese market, they should choose them to develop their products. Their reach is very large due to the large number of followers so the communication takes place very quickly about the brand and product.They do it through activities such as sharing, like, commenting. The higher the number of discussions, the more attention will come to the attention of the audience, the faster and easier the branding will be. What is npm, np media, and npm


INTEREST - INTERESTING INTEREST Influencer selection indicator

When there is a need to be met, consumers will begin to care about that product. But they only trust and find out about that problem with the person they sympathize with. They only care about people they trust, so at this level you should consider the Resonance index. People with high expertise and reputation in a particular industry will be qualified to advise and answer questions related to the product. Only that will make consumers more confident and make purchasing decisions on influencer selection indexes.

What is npm, np media, and npm

PURCHASE INTENSION - intention to buy

Consumers will have the intention to buy from you when they realize their needs will be met. And what is even more important is that they see the difference between your product and other products. So Relevance is the factor that needs the most attention during this period. But whoever is in the four Influencers groups, they have to have a similar level and affiliation with the brand, the product they collaborate with. The similarities and associations are based on factors such as the personal brand, style, lifestyle, demographics and demographics of the fan.

What is npm, np media, and npm

Influencer selection index
Influencer selection index

Influencer selection indicator

If you do not know about indicators such as Reach, Relevance, Resonance, Sentiment, you can refer to the article "4 INDICATOR INFLUENCER ON SOCIAL NETWORK"

Choosing the right Influencers is crucial to the success of your campaign and business

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npm, newplusmedia, new plus media, np media





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