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Most of us believe that Facebook is an effective tool contributing positively to the success of a Digital Marketing campaign. But not only that, the success of the Digital Marketing campaign It depends on how the campaign is conducted and how it is led. Let's go over 5 elements as well as 5 Digital Marketing lessons from famous brands. npm, np media, new plus media, npm.vn,

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Act like a real person

The success of the Digital Marketing campaign From Tom Fishman's first lesson, he was the director of the social media and community marketing division at MTV. Tom Fishman shared: “Creating an influential voice in the community is the most important thing. Therefore, in interacting with the audience through social networks, MTV always tries to keep the dialogue close and very "human" instead of keeping the "big guy" tone like a big company. "

And a typical example of Vietnam today is Ba Tan Vlog Youtube channel, part of the success of this Youtube channel comes from the closeness and friendliness of the viewer. Mrs. Tan has a way of addressing "grandmothers" and "grandchildren", which makes viewers feel concerned. the success of the Digital Marketing campaign

Know what you want

Every business has its own reasons for joining social media, and most importantly, they must have a clear understanding of their reasons and goals before starting. Ms. Tan Vlog and digital marketing

An example of MTV's goal is to build communities for TV shows and bands. Fishman said, while in the period of promoting Skins - a new show, MTV built an extremely passionate community even before the show began to air. This was a valuable discovery for MTV when they needed to "think about how to approach special campaigns during the pre-marketing period." Colin Helms, vice president of Digital Media, told Mashable: “We often build a community after the show airs. This time with Skins, we did the opposite. ” And of course, this has made the campaign an unexpected success.

Listen and share

Do you like the feeling after asking a question about something but waiting forever and still not responding? Do you feel uncomfortable?

@XboxSupport sends up to 5000 tweets per week and currently holds the Guinness World Record for the fastest responsive brand on Twitter. The average Xbox response time, according to Eakins, is 3-5 minutes at the latest. And Baccus said it was 15 minutes for AT&T.

MTV also actively participated in responses when fans sent private messages. This is another important point of brand contact, as Fishman remarked. Baccus said that listening is an important part of AT & T's plan. The team in charge of the community will take note of the trends that are forming and have an intimate conversation with customers to collect information, then reflect back to the company for timely improvements.

This way of listening and responding positively is highly appreciated by customers and is easily implemented through social networks.

Choose content that is diverse and relevant

MTV's goal when using Twitter is to convey the brand message, but they also uphold the goal of becoming "a source of information for everyone." As a cultural initiator, the choice of content varies from music, fashion to social and political issues - sources must provide a variety of content that is relevant to a wide audience. together. the success of the Digital Marketing campaign

To determine what to share, you should keep an eye on your fans. NBA believers love the team and the player they like, they want to "eight" about everything that is going on on the field - and the NBA feed makes the conversation "clearer". the success of the Digital Marketing campaign

As described by Me-lissa Rosental Brenner, NBA's vice president of marketing, “The source of Twitter feeds from the league, our teams and players gives us invaluable opportunity to connect with nearly 35 million fans and Help them share everything - from spectacular shots, great players, to unforgettable moments - during the exciting game. ” Feeds of NBA also re-posted interesting tweets from fans to share the joy with the fans and show their appreciation to their followers.

Bring yourself into the conversation the success of the Digital Marketing campaign

We all know that responsiveness is important, but there is another equally important feature - initiation. When someone tweeted about problems they had with the Xbox product - even if they didn't tweet on the Xbox site - the company's Fleet Tweet team still responded. There is always a team member who specializes in this. They reach out to people who mention the Xbox in their tweets and tell them there is a team of Tweet Fleet ready to answer their questions about the Xbox.

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npm, new plus media, np media

npm, new plus media, np media

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