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Years ago, marketing campaigns were often based on media channels such as TV, newspapers, radio, and direct email to customers. But a few years back, since Web concept first came out in 1980 has led to a big change in marketing communication. Marketers have gradually turned to traditional mediums Digital media in Digital Marketing.


You can think of Vietnamese as Search Engine Marketing. It is a form of online marketing applied to search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, ..

In SEM media, it is divided into 2 small branches: SEO and PPC

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization): Is a search optimization tool that helps your website to rank high on Google, Bing, etc.

    • Often customers will choose to see SEO results rather than PPC

    • Conversion rate from SEO is usually higher than PPC

    • Click prices will be pushed up when there is competition with Google's auction auction policy

    • Highly rated for Organic Results

  • PPC (Pay Per Click): A form of advertising on search engines and pay per click

    • Quickly appear on search engines

    • Broad keyword coverage, can advertise several dozen keywords at a time

    • Customizing ads quickly

  Digital media in Digital Marketing
Digital media in Digital Marketing

In the image above you can see blue is SEO and red is PPC

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Online Pr is a 2-blade delivery of digital media in Digital Marketing. It can spread the good quickly and not eliminate the bad.

The goal of Online PR is to build and preserve a good image of the business for the community. It uses Internet platforms such as forums, blogs, social networks, etc. to create interaction. It encourages an interaction between the seller and the buyer to make their own judgment or thought.

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This is a digital media in Digital Marketing, a form of promoting products or services through partner websites. They will make money based on the commission when the user visits the page.

It is based on the CPA-Cost Per Action advertising pricing model, which is more effective than conventional forms like CPC and CPM.

When using this method, you do not need to own products or services, do not need to worry about shipping or customer care issues.


This is a fairly common form in Vietnam, it can appear in many different forms such as static banners, animated banners or highly interactive forms such as images, sounds.

When using this method, you will help businesses increase awareness, interact with customers, recall images or increase visits to the Website.

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EMAIL Digital media in Digital Marketing

This activity sends an Email to the recipient to introduce, promote, thanks in the hope that they will buy your service or product. Its main task is to increase the brand awareness of customers for businesses.

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Digital media in Digital Marketing Social Media Marrketing are activities performed on social media channels to gain certain effects such as interaction with users, increasing brand awareness about the service. , special products that promote the purchase and ownership of products through social media.

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