8 Techniques to Increase Your Landing Page Sales Efficiently- Part 1

8 Techniques to Increase Your Landing Page Sales Efficiently- Part 1

You know that you must create dedicated after-click landing pages to provide free e-books, webinars, reports, tutorials, demos and trials to your potential clients, but do Which in the end ensures massive sales at the end of the marketing funnel?

Let's learn 5 techniques with Goose Content to increase sales on your landing page!

Landing Page?


Landing Page is a single website that leads and persuades your audience to achieve a specific conversion goal. Landing Page is a website with design, interface, content refers to only one product on the page. Even some Landing Pages have the interface only encapsulated in 1 page only.

Landing Page Sales

The sales page is an independent website at the bottom of the marketing funnel, created with a specific purpose - to secure sales of your products or services. While the offer on your after-sale landing page will vary depending on your industry, the goal of the page remains the same - attracting visitors who convert into customers.

Post-click sales landing pages are different from other post-click landing pages because they are typically payment request click-through pages. Can simply copy the CTA button on them read something related to money like "buy", "order" or "buy" and send leads to the order form when clicked. .

Since you're getting customers out of pocket rather than just asking for their email address, a sales page has to be incredibly convincing - even more so than the usual landing pages after your click. This means creating pages that take advantage of compelling sales language and compelling sales techniques.

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5 Techniques to Increase Sales On Landing Page Efficiently


Putting yourself in the shoes of your customers, you will understand that we have a fairly short attention span - shorter than goldfish - so it's imperative that you immediately emphasize the sense of urgency on your sales page to attract the concentration of visitors. An effective way to do this and to encourage them to make a quick decision is to use a countdown timer.

Whether you are looking for webinar registration, event registration, downloading coupons or selling products, the countdown timer combination allows you to create time-based offers, which does increase urgency and inspire action.

For example, the landing page after clicking on a webinar, they used a countdown timer to encourage webinar registration:


Here's another example - this time the Landing Page after the sales click - from Stratfor. There's no countdown timer, but the sub-headline tells visitors they should act today to get a $ 250 gift card:


Create scarcity

Humans tend to want what we can't have. That's why the perceived scarcity on a sales landing page or using a copy like "only X seats left" or "only X copies left" - is a compelling sales technique to influence. to the visitor's decision and drive action.

AppSumo is promoting the "How to make $ 1,000 a month" course with this click-through sales landing page:


On this page, they claim there are only 193 positions left. They advertise this in two different places - below the video as seen in the image above and at the bottom of the page in the payment plan section. Visitors are notified of scarcity as soon as they arrive at the site and reiterated when they have viewed almost the entire page.

Give a compliment to customers

Because emotions are innate, powerful, and unconscious, most human decisions are driven by emotions. According to Harvard Business School professor Gerald Zaltman, 95% of all buying decisions happen unconsciously.

So when it comes to the sales process, it has implications for human emotional appeal. By being exposed to their emotions, you are more likely to convince potential customers to buy your product or service.

A popular way to do this is to give visitors flattering words when they come to your sales page. Make your visitors feel special and even privileged.

The American Motorbike Driver Association made great use of the flattering words on their after sales click landing page:



They make visitors feel welcome by showing flattering words in a few different places:

In the subheading, they let potential customers know that for just $ 5 per month, they've “joined” as an AMA member.
In the bulleted copy, “It's about YOUR trip” and “You need someone to speak for you”.
Finally, in front of the last CTA button, “AMA is on your side. The AMA STANDS for us to ride. Please join! ”(Also note the use of urgency.)

Interesting and special offer

When a company offers a promotion or special offer, it's similar to the technique of emergency sales. Visitors may know that this deal won't last forever, so they're more likely to take advantage of it right away. This deal type is often advertised differently. Instead of using phrases like "Buy it now," "Quick Action," or "Don't Wait," the copy has something specific to "Special Offer" or "Special Offer".

See how Daily Burn advertises their special offer for a 30-day free trial and a 50% discount on the original paid month:


Hope the above techniques can help you understand your customers. Since then there are effective Content Marketing articles on Landing Page.

Writer: Thu Ngann

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