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Facebook may not be the newest social network, but it certainly remains one of the most useful for marketers. For example, 93% of advertisers on social networks use advertising on Facebook, this clearly shows it's worth using. Here are 9 Advertising statistics onn facebook The usefulness I've gathered to help you evaluate your strategy and take your Facebook ads to the next level.

Advertising statistics on facebook
Advertising statistics on facebook

1.39% of Facebook users say that they like to follow a business page on Facebook because they want to receive special offers

These Facebook advertising stats mean that if you want to sell goods or want to create a Fanpage, you should use a business account. Because giving followers exclusive offers on your Fanpage will help motivate your target audience to engage with you more.

This tactic works for businesses both large and small - for example, a restaurant called Brickhouse Tavern in Williamsburg, Virginia has grown tremendously just by offering a free pizza to people who like or comment. comment on their post.

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2. The average actual reach of the post is only about 6.4% of the total number of page likes

There is a rumor in the field of Facebook Marketing that this reach only extends to an average of 2% of the total number of page likes, but in fact, it reaches 6.4%, advertising statistics on This facebook will help you a lot in optimizing Fanpage.

While a high number of likes on Fanpage is important, Facebook users liking your page does not mean that they will "work" for you - you need to create compelling posts, no matter how many you have. prefer. The more you understand how to generate audience engagement through your posts, the more engagement and effectiveness of Facebook ads will increase.

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3. 47% of Facebook users access the site only via a mobile application

That means almost half of Facebook users see your ad on their phone. Also, mobile app users are said to be more frequent users, as they have Facebook in their pocket 24/7 instead of just when they can access desktop.

Do you know what that means? Your content needs to be optimized for mobile devices.

In addition to making sure every landing page that your Facebook ad is mobile-ready, consider posting appropriate photo and video content and keeping long posts easy to read on mobile devices.

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4. One study says that the most effective length for Facebook ad titles is 4 words, with link descriptions of 15 words.

Although there will certainly be times in your Facebook Marketing campaign you will need long content articles, Facebook ads will not be suitable for such Content. If those four words are in the title, plus a little bit of information in the link description, it could evoke FOMO (fear of missing out) and attract curious people to read. Don't ignore this if you want a high Click-Through Rate.

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5. Videos with autoplay sound annoying 80% of users

Most of us surf Facebook, read and watch newsletters in public - on the subway, in the classroom, or wait in line at the grocery store. Ironically, these places include about a dozen people that will definitely give you an uncomfortable look when an ad pops up and begins to sound right away.

Therefore, you need to consider that the majority of people who see your ad will accept audio, so make a video with subtitles to reduce your need for audio.

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6. Videos with captions increase watch time by about 12% Advertising statistics on facebook

Repeat the above problem - the captions or subtitles will remind the viewer to stay longer. This way, Facebook users can still watch and understand your videos, no matter where they may be.

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7. Your video ad has about three seconds to catch the viewer's attention

Three seconds may sound like nothing, but your videos have plenty of opportunities to make an impression in those small amounts of time. Advertising statistics on facebook

Similar to post title, make sure that the first three seconds in your video are informative, but mostly full FOMO (Fear of missing out). Impress and thrill make the curiosity that your video cannot reveal everything immediately will give viewers the motivation to keep watching.

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8. Shorter posts get around 23% more engagement than long posts

Keep Facebook posts short and impressive. Again, your audience will probably watch it on the go or eating, so you need to wholesale promotional items must be quick to grab their attention - and trust that your next landing page will hold their interest far beyond that. Advertising statistics on facebook

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9. Video posts get more shares than any other post type

According to some recent surveys, the average number of video shares is about 89.5 shares. This is one of the reasons you should incorporate video content into your Facebook advertising strategy.

For example, this video of Glossier has 15 shares, while the post with only the photo below (for the same product) only has 1 share.

Facebook offers significant opportunities for businesses, but is also a significant challenge. Hopefully, these statistics and tips will point you in the right direction to help you get better results from your Facebook advertising efforts in 2019. Advertising statistics on facebook

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