A review of the most prominent marketing campaigns in the first half of 2020

The first half of 2020 is about to pass, bringing a lot of popular campaigns of brands. According to experts, the Covid-19 pandemic is one of the main factors affecting marketing campaigns in 2020. The types of offline marketing will gradually be shifted to online, businesses will pay more attention to digital marketing, social. media and content marketing are gradually becoming one of the channels to reach customers love. The timely transformation and adaptation amid the Covid wave has created many effective marketing campaigns with high coverage. Let MarketingAI review the most outstanding events of the past time!

(The article is analyzed based on the report YouNet Media - the leading Social Insight and Solution Agency in Vietnam, belonging to YouNet Group).

Shake for 2020

  • Highlights: Shaking Game

This is one of Momo's outstanding New Year 2020 campaigns. The coverage of the game "Shake with Momo wallet" recorded 1.6 million discussions during the game "Shake with Momo". The highest point was within 2 weeks, the campaign recorded 1.3 million discussions. Inside, Most discussed coming from users' natural share, the rest came from discussion about summoning and exchanging gifts.

(Photo: Yeah1)

Tran Thanh and Hari Won KOLs were selected as ambassadors for the campaign. Clip "Just shake is a gift" about the storm shook the roof in Tran Thanh and Hari Won neighborhood was enthusiastically responded by the online community. In addition, the fundraising activity to help 100 children with facial and facial deformities found smiles also received many positive signals from the community.

January 2020 Buzzmetrics Ranking (Source: Buzzmetrics)

Arena of valor

Highlights: The arena of fame in Spring 2020

After more than 2 years of being released by Garena, Lien Viet Mobile VN is the world's most developed server with a huge community of regular players. This is considered the national game of Vietnam, with attractive and wide coverage.

A lot of statistics have been given: In January 2020, the Tet greeting event recorded 3,251,233 social discussions, the 2020 Spring Hall of Fame event attracted 474K discussions and prizes. The final attracted 457,791 followers at the same time, the posts of the leading influencer series such as CrisDevil Gamer, Misthy, Linh Ngoc Dam ... also had a large number of interactions.

The arena of fame spring 2020 is the most anticipated event of the year (Image: League of Mobile)

Most of the discussion came from the online community commenting, cheering on teams in the livestream of matches, the accompanying events that were enthusiastically participated by gamers through a series of posts with hastag: # 24thang5_NhanTrangPhucFree, # Viettel5G_eSportSieuToc. Users express their interest in the winning team as well as admire the talent of the players.

100K A campaign

Highlight: debating the authenticity of the campaign

In April 2020, the online community simultaneously shared the status line about the 3-A campaign to support autistic children on personal Facebook. This is a campaign launched by the Vietnam Autism Network (VAN) from March 10 to gather 100,000 letters A to donate 200 million VND to organize training courses for parents with autistic children.

100K A campaign is widely shared on Facebook (Image: 24h.com)

For each article, Facebook users need to post beautiful, optimistic photos, maybe portraits, drawings, etc. Campaign results as of 23h59 on April 15, 2020 had 493,281 A's recorded, 164,427 were active on social networks, 5 times more than the original target.

There is a strong spread, but the campaign also faced many conflicting opinions when some comments that the program is used to advertise, PR sponsors.

Propaganda against epidemics Covid-19

  • Message: Solidarity against Covid-19

  • Highlights: the song Jealous of Co vy

The anti-epidemic of acute respiratory infections Covid-19 has become the top concern of the Vietnamese people during the first half of 2020. The campaign was propagated widely based on the majority of social media. media channels, social networking applications ...

The song "Jealous of her vy" resonates greatly on social media (Photo: congluan.vn)

The highlight of the campaign was a song about hand washing "Ghen Covy" Ministry of Health has made a mark in the hearts of Vietnamese and international people, thereby propagating ways to prevent diseases for millions of people. This music product with Hasdtag #GhenCoVyChallenge then attracted 37.7 million views.

Some Vietnamese social networks such as Lotus, Gapo, Zalo ... have worked closely with the authorities to provide the fastest and most accurate notifications on the epidemic situation, and recommendations on disease prevention to users. Special music project "Vietnam! Flight COVID ” with lyrics spreading positive energy, calling on the whole people to join hands to overcome the pandemic more 3 million Gapo users received warm welcome through self-recorded clips such as: singing cover, lipsync, dancing, acting ... on the chorus music background.

The project "Vietnam beat Covid away" (Photo: Zing MP3)

Samsung Galaxy

  • Highlight: Exclusive sponsor for hot show "Who is that person"

Galaxy Note 10, Galaxy A51, Galaxy A71, Galaxy A31 ... is one of many excellent Samsung products in the ranking for the first 5 months of 2020. Samsung galaxy has proved its strong attraction on social media. . The majority of discussions discuss product quality, design and buying intent. At the same time, the brand coverage when continuously being the sponsor of gameshow programs, Vietnamese music MV hot trending like Who is He, Gac worry, ...

Samsung is the exclusive sponsor for "Who is that person" (Image: Tiin.vn)

The product articles on the sales pages attract the attention and interaction of users on social media. Not only that, mini-games and articles by KOLs such as: Dat G, MisThy, Hari Won, ... also received a lot of positive discussions.

Hai Yen - MarketingAI


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