Basic Excel exercise with solution 07 (Vlookup, if nested)

In this lesson 7, you will practice about Excel exercises delivery slip. This is the basic Excel general exercise. So, in addition to practicing the basic operations and calculations, you also practice more about some common functions in Excel. Which specifically, that is how to use the VLOOKUP function, and the If function is nested. The Excel practice exercise file with this solution can be donated at the link at the bottom of the article.

At the same time in this article, Do Bao Nam Blog also shares the homework video. Therefore, you can refer to the video content to understand more about how to solve the problem. Questions are explained in detail by Do Bao Nam Blog, with easy-to-understand explanations. Please watch the content of the exercise below.

The content of basic Excel exercises to sum numbers 007

This is a practice in synthetic form. Therefore, you will be able to practice a lot of Excel operations. The topic of this exercise is Excel delivery slip exercise. The knowledge in this problem is at the basic level. Therefore, it is very suitable for those who are new to Excel and want to master this software.

And as usual, content one of basic Excel exam questions These are the basic knowledge. You will practice basic operations such as data entry, table drawing, data format ... These are operations that will follow you while you are still using this software. In addition, when you practice, you remember to line break in an Excel cell according to the requirements of the exercise. And this is a question that almost always comes up in Excel exam questions.

In addition to the basic skills, continue to practice some more basic functions. These are the commonly used functions in Excel, including Vlookup, nested if function. These two functions are almost always present in every Excel exam in schools, or exam for certification ... Therefore, you should practice and use these functions well.

The content of basic Excel exercises to sum numbers 007
Contents of Excel exercises, Vlookup functions, nested if functions ... There is no solution in the image. The exercise file you download at the end of the article.

Video problem solving basic Excel practice summing up 007

In the video below, Do Bao Nam Blog has shared a quite detailed solution of the exercise. Each question is fully answered so that you can understand the answer of each question. And you can download the basic Excel exercise with this solution at the end of the article. This Excel file was uploaded to Google Drive by Do Bao Nam Blog. You just need to click on the download button in your browser to download this exercise file to your computer. (video content is updating)

Download Excel exercise about Vlookup function, nested if function

In this exercise, you will practice many content. In particular, the Vlookup function and nested if function are very interesting contents. In particular, there are 2 ideas of the exercise you need to use the Vlookup function to solve the problem. Therefore, this is considered an Excel exercise on the Vlookup function to help you practice more about this function.

Besides, one of the most commonly used functions, the IF function, is also included in this problem. This function is not only used a lot in basic Excel exams, but in fact it is widely applied. Therefore, learning and proficient use of the IF function is very necessary. It will be very helpful after you use Excel. In addition to these two functions, you also practice many other basic calculations. And the exercise file can be downloaded from the link at the end of the article.

In this download file, Do Bao Nam Blog has the complete solution. And in order to learn Excel more effectively, you just take the answer file for reference. You should enter the data yourself, format the data yourself, and solve the exercise from scratch. At that time, you will quickly master this software.

Download the Excel file with the solution

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