Basic Excel exercises with solution 06: Electric billboard

Exercise Excel electric bill calculator is a very common type of general practice. At the same time, this is also a basic exam format Excel very common when still in school. In this article, you will also continue to practice basic operations in Excel as usual. Along with that are the basic calculations, sorted by order in Excel and basic functions in Excel.

In this lesson, you will practice more with nested IF functions. With 7 questions of the exercise, but there are 2 sentences you need to use this function. Therefore, if you need to practice more basic Excel tests with nested IF functions, this is a great exercise for you. All practice files and solutions can be downloaded at the end of the article. In addition, you can watch live video questions below.

Content Excel worksheet general electricity bill

This is an Excel worksheet that pays for electricity bills often found in practice as well as in study. In this exercise, you will continue to practice basic operations in Excel. That is How to create a table in Excel, line breaks in a cell and input operations, data format ...

Besides, you will also continue to practice with basic calculations. That is the sum, multiplication, percentage ... And especially in this basic Excel exam, you have up to 2 questions to practice the nested IF function. This is one of the functions that are used a lot in Excel as well as in practice.

In the file Excel practice exercises that you downloaded, Do Bao Nam Blog has the solution available as on the video. However, for you to practice most effectively, you should create the file from scratch. Then you create tables, enter data, and perform calculations. In the photo below, Do Bao Nam Blog takes a photo of the exercise data. You need to perform the math problem of filling in the missing columns.

Content Excel worksheet general electricity bill
The content of the Excel exercise file will charge for electricity without an answer. In the file you download, there are answers to all the questions.

Video solving Excel exercises calculating the electricity bill

All questions in the exercise are detailed by Do Bao Nam Blog in this video. Particularly the first question, you practice and practice with basic operations. The solution exercise Basic Excel This is the same on all versions of Excel. Therefore, you do not need to care which version you are using. Details of the solution you can see in the video below. In addition, you can also download the Excel practice exercise file with the solution in the download at the end of the article.

Video for solving exercises shared on Do Bao Nam Blog!

Download basic Excel exercises with solution 006: Electric billboard

In the following Excel file, Do Bao Nam Blog has a solution available. You can download the practice file to the computer. Then based on the requirements of the test, you do it from start to finish as you did Basic Excel exam questions. Requests are framed in blue by Do Bao Nam Blog. When practicing, you do not need this frame. You only need to create the table, calculate according to the requirements of the problem.

The highlight of Excel exercises charging electricity This is that you practice more with nested IF functions. At the same time, you also practice more about basic calculations, data arrangements, or basic operations. To be effective, you should create new files and practice according to the requirements of the practice. When entering data, remember to remember the format as in the spreadsheet you downloaded. And this is also a mandatory requirement in any Excel practice exam.

And to download this basic Excel exercise, just click the download link below. Excel file uploaded by Do Bao Nam Blog directly to Google Drive. You can download it directly from Google without having to wait to skip the ad like some of the sites you've downloaded. Wish you become an Excel expert to serve well for work and study.

Download the Excel exercise file

Article Excel basic exercises with solution 06: The first electricity bill appeared on Do Bao Nam Blog.


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