Building an Effective Beginners Content Plan

Building Content Plans For Beginners

Brief- The Beginning Of All Plans

Brief- The Beginning Of All Plans
Brief- The Beginning Of All Plans

First of all make sure you have a Brief in hand. False brief, everything behind will go in a direction you did not anticipate the consequences. All your effort, creativity will not be meaningless when you have the right brief.

So what is Brief, so important?

You can simply understand Brief is a document provided to content writers like us or creative teams. In Brief you will be provided with complete information about the Client. It is like a link between Client & Agency. Here, you can see all the most condensed information about products, companies and requirements from the Client. The agency works from the Brief Table. The wrong brief is offline!

Don't Write Off- Study the Information

There will be a guarantee that, there is the original brief full of information like that, what to do research. In my opinion, when you got that product. Usually the brief gives you only the rib, rarely the full picture of a product.

The essence of when you do Marketing, you need to focus on 3 factors that always follow: Enterprises, Customers and Competitors

It's your job to delve into all about products, services and brands. Search for everything related to the website, facebook, youtube ... Even if you can experience it. I myself when doing research on a product, the lecturers often advise "If possible, you should experience it and then write about it, do not write messy". And remember to record your feelings when you feel, even a small episode.

In addition to researching the above, you should study the market, industry and competitors. So the question I ask is: How to research?

If your client is large, check out the reports from market research companies. You even hear from the product development department - they are very passionate, enthusiastic people when talking about the product. After listening, finish and make yourself a SWOT version. A simple SWOT analysis will be effective in this case because it allows you to clearly see what your advantages and differences are compared to your competitors. You can then link these strengths and opportunities to your brand value and start building a guide map for the things you want to "own" from a content strategy perspective.

Besides, target customers and insight are two extremely important factors that you cannot help but research. Because the nature you do is still customer-focused. Content Creator's job is to study factors related to the psychology, buying habits, communication habits and customer expectations. In order to do that well, Content practitioners need to gain insight of customers. Specifically, the action, the way the customer I see shows the product to the market. Always ask why they are willing to spend money to buy your product. From there, perfecting and grasping, correctly hitting customers' psychology. Then the new plan has a chance of success.

You must always think about what these behavior insights mean for your media products, services and campaigns, how you want customers to act after the media campaign is launched.

Content Planning

synthesize information

Define purpose and goals

Learn customers into a personal copy

Develop the plan

Depending on the purpose of each stage and customer insights to have specific activities, forming a customer journey- a customer experience journey with specific activities to achieve the goals and satisfy customers in each stage. .

Building communication messages

In the brief version, it will be too general cramming. I call it idealistic, it is very difficult to become reality. At that time, we can sharpen them according to the client or can turn them into completely new but still satisfy and revolve around the three factors mentioned above: Enterprise, competitors and customers. target.

As far as I know, a standard message will solve the business problem and position the brand in the mind of the customer. It is all based on the SWOT version you outlined above.

Develop Concept and Idea

Building specific publications: Printed ads, videos, series of images, articles, PR articles or even events ...

Select communication channel


Planning for implementation

Give specific regulations

Make a list of topics to explore

Identify the types of publications content

List media channels

Up timeline activity

Review and evaluation

Use the campaign results tool to answer the question: Are you doing as well as you think you are?

Above is the process that I have learned from Content Marketing planning for beginners. Knowing that from theory to reality is a difficult road. But if you have the opportunity to try it out, you should follow the process whole-heartedly and the results will not be worth your effort.

Content Marketing effective measurement tool

Tool to measure effectiveness of Content Marketing
Content Marketing effective measurement tool

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a powerful tool for effective analysis and content optimization. With Google Analytics, you can know how many people actually read your content, understand the relationship between channels and give you the necessary indicators for further evaluation.


Socialbakers is an effective social network management tool. This tool will count the number of likes, shares, comments for you to compare with competitors. To evaluate content effectiveness, you need to know the number of people who like, share, comment, ...


Chartbeat not only analyzes the content effectively but also provides the real activities of the viewer such as user behavior, time on pages, ... The tool helps you to see the action in real time so that the admin can handle and interact. Quick cooperation with users.

Social Mention

Social Mention is a way to check for hot topics and keywords. When you write a phrase into it, the tool will show you important information about traffic, fans, etc. on all platforms. This is an effective method to evaluate content effectiveness.


SumAll is a very user-friendly analytics tool for sharing and managing content on over 20 different channels.

With the right knowledge and tools, measuring content marketing effectiveness will become easier. Test and measure to understand the problem.

Keep in mind that it can be difficult to optimize a content marketing campaign if you cannot track its performance with specific, clear, and exact numbers.

Writer: Thu Ngann

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