Content Creator Who Causes Me To Go

Who Is The Content Creator That Makes Me Chase

Who is Content Creator?

Who is Content Creator
Who is Content Creator

I, You, we've probably heard the concept of Content Creator. If you haven't heard, this article will draw a portrait to help you better understand Content Creator.

As a second-year student, accidentally following my brothers and sisters in the field of marketing, I have the desire to become a Future Content Creator. I do not have much working experience as a Content Creator. But I have the experience of self-seeking, learning through my brothers and sisters, as well as through books.

Ngan often asks: Content Creator is:

  • A bastard hum you?

  • A social media addict, right haha?

  • Who specializes in writing PR articles, right Ngan?

  • Or the creator of videos, why do Ngan also post photos related to photoshop cs6?

  • In the future you will become a person who thinks crazy ideas, always in the sky, in the clouds? Sometimes I look like a bewildered person haha ​​...

All of my friend's questions, though jokingly. But that is the portrait of Content Creator that Ngan has thoroughly researched in a few books she has read. However, depending on the characteristics of the job, the structure of each organization, the content creator will have different names: Content Writer, Social Media Executive, PR executive, Designer, Editor or Script writer.

At first glance, you will think it is very extreme, but if you are passionate and look a little positive. See them as challenges we have to explore and explore. Every day you practice a skill. At the same time find yourself a strength to be able to make the Agency. Until you feel the skills have fused together, it's time you become a Content Creator.

I Curious What The Content Creator Can Do At The Company

Content Creator La Gi
Content Creator La Lam Gi

Content Creator is the video maker or the one who does all of the above in a small and midsize business (both writing articles, taking pictures, designing photos, editing videos and posting- effective management.

It sounds like a lot but it's really a lot! However, you will develop more comprehensive. Ngan himself admires those who do Content Creator in such business models.

Depending on the position-position, characteristics of the organization (agency or in-house), organizational structure, content Creator can do things such as:

Get ideas for building strategies, planning projects, strategies, media campaigns and implementation

Writing, writing and writing: Assuming the "word" for media publications: scripts, dialogues, slogans, Social Media posts, email marketing content, website content, magazines ... Content Creator can do it.

Collaborate with Designer and do Production, as appropriate

Sometimes it will support creating live ads, running events, hugging the production organization ... along with all sorts of things ...

The Content Creator mission

Content Creator mission are people who help businesses attract potential customers, affirm the reputation of the business and bring in outstanding revenue. However, not all businesses really understand about Content Creator and the need of Content Creator for the development of the business or if any, they do not know how to get a professional Content Creator.

Skills Required Content Creator

Skill Required Content Creator
Skills Required Content Creator

In my opinion, it is called skill that can be honed. Endurance training time will help you improve. The more skill you train, the better you will become. From then on, a few tricks will be able to succeed. Like: You are a roadblind, every day you go that way, surely in the future you will be able to go by yourself without using Google Map ..

Basic skills everyone should have

First, Content Creator as well as many other disciplines require you to have basic skills: presentation, communication, teamwork. time management, planning for yourself and for the company ... Especially, if you want to go far in companies, agencies or large corporations, you should invest in a minimum of foreign language skills.

Observation skills

Observation is the ability to use the 5 senses to help us have a multidimensional view of receiving and collecting information in the most objective way.

The way I learned to observe:

Listen to everyone's advice selectively. Listen and follow your chosen passion. In addition, I also often read books, read sharing articles and follow the people ahead, .. Learn to listen, analyze to get the best view ...

Language reading and writing skills

Anyone can be wrong, but when defined by Content Creator, you absolutely must not misspell. Practice writing rather than writing well, paying attention to each punctuation, the most basic grammar needed for a Content writer.

In the past, I was teased by my friends because I sometimes misspelled. But since I became aware of following this path, I have practiced a lot. And at first, I used to send these articles to friends who were called happily as "Holy looking at every word". After a while, I gradually removed that flaw.

In addition, for content in English, you should understand the nuances of English. For example: Say it your way- Speak your way.

Image thinking skills

Please improve your own aesthetic ability, visual thinking to be able to work with the Designer when you are not qualified to make an impressive photo as required by the Boss.

Creative skills

Creative skills are innate? Just a little bit. Already a skill, it is entirely possible to practice. Not everyone who makes Content Creator can create good ideas. Without training, it will be over sooner or later.

Not all ideas are accepted. Sometimes 10 ideas are only accepted 1 idea but not sure if it can spread to people or not. I think it's good? But would others think the same way? Try to accumulate and improve every day.

Hopefully your shares will help you dispel your worries about Content Creator. Ngan himself has not gone to have much experience, so in the future I will experience more to have more quality articles. You too, try to find out, maybe you will find passion here.

We are not good but we are persistent. In the future, there is no suitable job but I will smile because my youth tried to experience and learn from you.

Writer: Thu Ngann

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