[cPanel] - How to add Alias ​​Domain (Domain Mapped) on cpanel hosting of TinoHost

When you want to run 2 or more domains for the same website, you will use it Alias ​​domain.


Open the Alias ​​Domain configuration interface in the cPanel host

Part 1: Create an Alias ​​domain name

To create an Alias ​​Domain, enter your domain name in the box Domain and press Add Domain as shown below:

Note: Before adding Domain, you must make sure that your Domain is pointed to the host you are configuring. If the Domain is not pointed yet, you can still configure it normally but of course, it won't work! Furthermore, your Domain must be registered by a valid provider. If not, cPanel will notice it on its own and you will not be able to successfully add the Domain.


Interface add domain name Alias ​​in host Cpanel

If the addition of Alias ​​Domain is successful, the message will be displayed as shown below:


Notice the successful Alias ​​domain name added in the cPanel host

Part 2: Edit an Alias ​​Domain

The Alias ​​Domains, when successfully added, will appear in the list at the bottom of the page.


To edit the Domain Alias ​​redirection path, click Manager Direction, The interface will appear as shown below.


Interface for setting up redirection of Domain Alias ​​in cPanel

Part 3: Search for an Alias ​​Domain:

Most of us only own 1 to several Alias ​​Domains on a cPanel hosting, but due to the specific work, there are also people who need to add tens or even hundreds of Domains on a host, making it difficult to find and fix them. . But fortunately cPanel has provided us with the search function for the added domain.


Search for Domain Alias ​​in the cPanel host

You just need to type in the domain name in the Search box and press Go. The domain you are looking for will appear.

Part 4: Delete a Domain Alias

Delete Domain Alias ​​in cPanel hosting


Confirm deletion of aliase.


Good luck.


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