[cPanel] - Instructions to create a backup and download Full backup all hosting on Cpanel at TinoHost


With the backup interface of cpanel allows you to download or restore files, databases, emails ...



  • For new users, you should use Backup Wizard (cPanel >> Home >> Files >> Backup Wizard).

  • The system stores backup files in the form of using file extensions:

Full backup

Click Go to Download a Full Account Backup


A full archive backup of all files (files, database, mail, ... and your website configuration. You can use this file to move your account to another server or keep copy this on your personal computer.


  • You cannot restore a full backup by yourself from this created copy using the user interface. If you want to restore hosting with this file you should contact the service provider to have them restore.

  • With the backup file downloaded, you can upload, unzip or decompress at your personal computer. You can then restore each component individually on the hosting you want.

  • The account backup process may be interrupted, error if your disk quota is not enough to restore.

Full Backup options

To create a full backup, do the following:

  1. Choose where you will save the backup (Backup Destination ):

    • Home Directory - This option to save directly on your hosting, backup files created will save on par with public_html.

    • Remote FTP Server - Use this option to save the backup file to a remote FTP server.

    • Remote FTP Server (Passive Mode Transfer) Use this option to save the backup file to a remote FTP server. (Use Passive Mode Transfer)

    • SCP - Select this option to use secure copy protocol (SCP) to store the backup file on the remote server.

  2. Notification options:

    • To receive notification when the backup is finished, enter your email address in the text box available.

    • If you don't want to receive notifications, select Don't send email notification of backup completion..)

  3. If you selected Remote FTP Server, Remote FTP Server (Passive Mode Switch), or SCP from Backup Destination menu, enter the destination server's information into the available text boxes.

  4. Click Generate Backup.


Account Backups

To download the created full backup file to your computer when optionally create a backup stored on the hosting.

The generated file will be on par with public_html. You can access ftp or use filemanager cpanel and download backup file.


The generated filebackup has the following syntax:backup-MM-DD-YYYY, with:

  • MMMonth of backup creation.

  • DDthe date the backup was created

  • YYYYYear of backup creation.


You right click and download the file stored on your computer then you can delete this file on cpanel to avoid wasting space on your hosting.

Good luck.




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