[cPanel] - Instructions to enable OPcache on hosting service. ⚡⚡⚡

This article is written for the purpose of reducing the load and speeding up website access at the article: https://help.tino.org/huong-dan/huong-dan-tang-toc-tai-trang-va-giam -tai-server /

OPcache improves PHP performance by storing pre-compiled byte code in ram, so php processes are saved by OPcache so there is no extra resource to process PHP code, which makes website accessible. faster and reduce TTFB (time to fisrt byte) value on website.

Some note when using Opcache. Since OPcache saves the processed php code, in case you are editing the source code, there will be no changes on the website, so when you edit or update the source code you need to turn off Opcache so that the website can update the code. new.

The OPcache in doesn't work well when the website uses ioncube either SourceGuardian.

To enable / disable OPcache extension php, please refer to and follow the instructions below:

1. Check the current php version and website in the section " MultiPHP Manager ”:

then check the website is working with the php version

As shown in the image above, you can see the website is working with php 7.2.


2. After you know which version of php is active, go to " PHP Selector ”:

Select the PHP version you want to enable Opcache extension (depending on the php version we find above, in this example it's php7.2), tick the "Opache: and press" SAVE ":


So you have enabled OPcache on the desired php version. If you need to turn off "OPcache" php extension, you just need to do the above and remove the ticket from the "opcache" section and click "save".

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