Distinguishing Landing Page And Website- Where Is The Solution For Business

Distinguishing Landing Page And Website- Business Where More Efficient

Distinguish Landing page and Website




A website is a group of pages describing your story, company, business or any other interesting topic. For websites in the real estate sector, there should be essential information pages such as:

  • Home page

  • Seller information

  • Contact for buyer

  • Search

  • Introduce

  • Blog

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Landing Page



Landing Page is a single page designed to provide information about a particular topic. It must be interacting with your website but can also be a standalone page. The landing page must be a highly content oriented page and of course there is no second page that writes about that content on your website.

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If the website is to introduce customers to your service, the landing page is used to attract them to a specific sales topic based on demand and make a purchase decision. So, if your website is purely informational without creating call-to-action related content then you are missing out on a lot of your business opportunities.

Which option is preferred between the landing page and the business website

business-landing page-or-website
business-landing page-or-website

The difference between Landing Page & Website

Website is the face of an enterprise on the internet because it fully reflects information, products and characteristics of that business. Therefore, when building an impressive and outstanding website, businesses will become more "reliable and professional" in the hearts of the public, and at the same time help businesses create prestige in terms of branding.

Landing page is designed with the purpose of increasing conversion rates from sales advertising campaigns. Therefore, the landing page structure is built with attractive content, emphasizing the "closing sales" points, along with attractive offers and promotions to call on customers to take action (Call To Action - CTA). Purchase decision after learning about the product.

With the different role and purpose of use mentioned above, the website often only provides product information and does not have a CTA calling for customers, leading to the business missing a lot of conversions on the page. And a landing page is the best solution to closing sales when driving customers to make conversions that the website can't do.

Match with paid advertising

Landing page allows you to narrow the focus, focus the visitor's attention on a specific action you want. At the same time, customers have immediate access to the things they really care about. They don't have to search too long to get what they need. With the landing page, customers only have two choices of conversion action (download documents, fill out consulting information, ...) or leave.

Long sales / service introduction landing pages also work very well. The more complete, detailed, redundant, and focused on solving problems for the customer, the higher the conversion rate of the landing page is.

As for the website, customers must receive a lot of information, leading to careful consideration and thought before making a purchase decision. Besides, most of the customers are very impatient. If they don't find the right information with the advertised title / content, they will leave automatically.

Therefore, when implementing marketing campaigns or paid advertising campaigns, landing page is the perfect choice to maximize ROI for businesses.

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Landing page creation time is faster than website building

Creating an effective sales landing page takes only 3-5 days to write content and design. Meanwhile, the time to build 01 website takes 15-30 days depending on the size, number of languages, complexity of the product and information presented on the page.

Although you invest in building a website as the main development channel of your business, you cannot miss your business during this time, which is why you should remind you to deploy sales on your landing page.

Investment cost for Landing Page & Website

The cost of designing and programming the website more or less also depends on many factors such as size, number of languages, quality, features, technology used ... For example, a website in the e-commerce field is often It costs much more than a business referral website because of different features and difficulty. The cost for a sales website ranges from 15,000,000 - 25,000,000 VND.

If you simply need a page to collect customer consultation information and close orders, you don't need an expensive website, then the landing page is the solution for you. Just from 5,000,000 VND - 7,000,000 VND, you will have 01 landing page with full information about products and services that can be sold immediately.

By reading this, you probably understand why the landing page sells more effectively than the website at this time. If you are a large business with many interested customers and have a website to sell all of the company's products, you should still be a landing page to introduce each product / service. On these landing pages, you can collect information about customers interested in each product / service of the company and what they are looking for to increase the effectiveness of closing sales.

If you want to create the best online advertising and want to get a lot of potential customers in a short amount of time, a landing page is the best choice for you. If you want to set up an online business and spread your brand's message to different online and traditional channels, a website is the right choice.

In short, with the unique characteristics of each type of page, that is why landing page is the top priority choice of businesses as an effective sales solution in this moment. If you are running ads with a landing page that are not yet effective, find a way to optimize the landing page for the content and design to match your advertising campaign.

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