Download the Vlookup Excel exercise with the solution 08

The same is true Excel exercises with solutions Number 07, in this lesson 08 you will continue to practice more about how to use the Vlookup function, the IF function ... However, since this is a general exercise, in addition to your practice Vlookup function exercise, then you can practice adding more knowledge of Excel. Those are some of the basic Excel functions, or basic calculations, operations in Excel.

You can download this Vlookup function exercise at the end of the article. In the Excel file you downloaded, Do Bao Nam Blog already has the solution as shown in the video illustration. And to work self-study Excel For better performance, you should create the exercise file from scratch. Then, practice following the questions in the Excel file you downloaded to your computer. In the process of solving the exercise, if you have questions that need assistance, you can comment directly below the video for assistance.

Exercise content on Vlookup function with combined solutions

As with other basic Excel exercises, this exercise 8 you will also practice with 2 basic contents. Through this practice, you will have a solid foundation of knowledge. Then, solving advanced Excel exercises will not be a problem for you anymore. And in this exercise 08, you mainly practice on:

Basic operations and calculations in Excel. Calculations include sum, subtraction, multiplication ... At the same time, you will be practicing many basic operations commonly used in Excel. These are operations such as tabulation, formatting for tables ... And also in table content, you will practice manipulation. line feed in an Excel cell... In addition, there will be many other basic operations for you to practice.

In addition to the above knowledge, in this Excel 08 practice, you will also practice some more basic functions. Specifically, it's the Vlookup function and the IF function. In this article, you have up to 2 ideas for using the Vlookup function. So, you can practice and proficient use of this function in practice. And in the image below is the entire content of the exercise before the answers.

Download the Vlookup Excel exercise with the solution 08
Contents of exercise file when there is no solution.

Video tutorial to solve Excel exercises, Vlookup function synthesis

To help you understand more about the solution, Do Bao Nam Blog has prepared an illustrative video. In this video, Do Bao Nam Blog shares details of the solution. So if you need information explaining questions, you can refer directly in the video content. The answer file in this video is shared by me at the end of the article. You can download it to your computer and practice at home. (Video is updating ...)

Download Excel exercise for Vlookup function with sum 08 words

In the Excel file you downloaded, Do Bao Nam Blog has the full solution as shown in the video. Therefore, if during the practice, you have any questions, you can open the solution for reference. Or, you can refer to the exercise's details in the video. At the same time, if you need more support with the Excel Vlookup function exercises, you can comment directly below the video on the Do Bao Nam Blog channel!

This basic Excel exercise file is shared directly by Do Bao Nam Blog on Google Drive. You just need to click on the download icon in the top right menu to download the exercise file. The solution in this file is one of the fastest. However, you can still have other solutions that are still correct and meet the requirements of the problem.

And in addition to this Excel exercise file for this Vlookup function, there are many other types of general Excel exercises on the website Do Bao Nam Blog. These exercises range from beginner to advanced. Therefore, if you are looking for and downloading Excel exercises with solutions, you can consult them right away at this website. Thank you!

Download the Vlookup function exercise

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