How To Collect Customer Information Effectively On Landing Page

How To Collect Customer Information Effectively On Landing Page

Have you ever encountered a situation where, despite having a lot of traffic, low conversion rates?

Lead generation is a combination of art and science. It is a key component that helps you collect leads so you can convert them into leads, eventually becoming customers of the business.

Studies have shown that marketers attract more leads by sending them to dedicated landing pages rather than directing them to the homepage (big mistake, BTW). In addition to the initial capture, lead generation landing pages can help you track lead data and learn more about your lead demographics.

Hence, the lead page plays a huge role in your sales process.

What is a customer landing page?



Landing page to collect customer information. This is an indispensable step in "making money" for businesses. The customer is the focus, so how can you convince them to leave information via a form? And the Lead generation landing page is the place to shorten the distance, help increase customer trust. In particular, customer information is always accompanied by exchanging benefits they receive such as advice, gifts and even discount codes.

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Why do you need to use a lead generation landing page?

The landing page (taken right) provides more content about the product / service outlined in your ad - and focuses on only one particular offer.

Any company marketing via email to nurture leads can benefit from the use of lead generation landing pages. Companies with longer sales cycles, though, may benefit more than companies offering under-rated products.

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Collect leads' information through Landing Page

Make your Landing Page cool

Landing Page is used for the purpose of turning website visitors into leads by completing transactions or collecting information from them. The Landing Page will now include the following bullet points:

  • A title and subheading (if needed).

  • Brief offer summary.

  • At least one supplemental image.

  • Other supporting factors such as certificates or safety badges.

  • And most importantly, a form to get customer information.

Remove the main navigation

When someone visits your Landing Page, it's your job to keep them. If you put links to your website, this will easily interrupt landing page discovery and reduce conversion rates. One of the best ways to increase conversion rates is, in fact, extremely simple, remove all the navigation from the Landing Page to your website.

There are plenty of tips for the perfect Landing Page

Connect the Landing Page title with the corresponding CTA

You need to keep a close consistency between CTA - Call to action (Call to action) and Landing Page title. If a customer clicks on a link because he is attracted to a free offer and then realizes there is a discrepancy in the Landing Page, you will lose their trust.

Keep your message in both the page title and the end-of-post CTA. If the title is different from the CTA, the client will feel vaguely “don't know what to do” and they will wonder if the CTA led them to the wrong page.

More or less

Subiz Make sure you are well aware of the rule: "Keep everything simple", the same applies to Landing Page. A cluttered Landing Page makes your visitors feel inconvenient. Be concise, clear everything and the only thing you should talk about a lot about it is the offer you are applying.

Besides the title, you should also add a short paragraph explaining what the offer is and the benefits the customer receives - don't forget to present it in a short, clear, and easy-to-follow list.

Emphasize the benefits of incentives

Instead of writing "Product XYZ has the following key features" write statements like: "Discovering product XYZ now can help you increase productivity by 50%". In other words, you need to convincingly clarify the value of your offer.

Encourage sharing

In your Landing Page, don't forget to add a button so your visitors can easily share the page's content and offers to others. People can now share through a variety of channels, not just personal emails but also social media, so you need to make your product news as wide as possible.

When your offer gets shared, more people will visit your site, more people fill out the form, and of course, more leads!

MULTIPLE Landing Pages made

According to a recent standard marketing survey, companies get 55% more leads by increasing landing pages from 10 to 15 pages. The more content, offers, and Landing Page you create, the more chances you will have of finding potential customers.

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