How to insert columns in Word, add rows, add any cells ...

After create tables in WordYou still have a lot to do. Which is to import data, format data in the table ... And unfortunately when entering data, you are missing a certain row or column. When you have this problem, simply add the line in Word, or add columns in Word according to demand.

This operation is quite simple. You can easily add one or more rows of multiple columns in the same operation. Just specify where to add, the rest is extremely simple. And in the illustrated content below, Do Bao Nam Blog has shared very fully on this issue. Please watch in the video, or illustrations below ...

Video instructions on how to add columns in Word, add rows in Word

Inserting columns or rows is completely similar. And this action is the same in different versions of Word. Therefore, you do not care what Word you are using. Whatever you want Add columns in Word 2013, 2016, 2019…, The implementation steps are the same. Even with older versions of Word, like Word 2010, 2007…, you do exactly the same thing. The main problem is that you need to choose where to add rows or columns. At the same time, you need to define more rows and columns. And the detailed implementation steps, you can refer to in the following video:

Video quick tutorial on how to add columns and rows in Word.

Detailed instructions on how to add lines in Excel

Before inserting one or more lines, you need to define where to add. This will help you insert it in the correct place. Therefore, it will help you to lose time when manipulating. And the detailed steps you do are as follows:

Step 1: Select the location to add. If you want to add more lines, you need to highlight them to select the lines to add. For example if you want to add 2 more lines, then you need to select 2 lines. If you only add lines in Word with the quantity 1, then this step 1 you do not need to be highlighted.

Step 2: Right click on the desired location. Then choose Insert. Once there, you will see there are 5 options to add. And actually, to insert extra lines in Word, you're just interested Insert Rows Above and Insert Rows Below. The meaning of these two options in turn is to add lines above or below the position you choose.

How to add columns in Word, add rows in Word
Right-click, choose Insert, and choose an appropriate option.

Detailed instructions on how to add columns in Excel

The steps you do are completely like the case of adding rows above. The only point is in step 2. If you add a column you choose Insert Rows Above and Below, then to add a column, you need to choose Insert Columns to the left or right. Corresponding to it is to add columns to the left or to the right of the location you choose.

How to divide 1 cell into 2 cells in Word or more

To do this, you just need to use the Draw Table tool. This tool can also be used to create tables. And of course, dividing cells is perfectly suited. You can easily divide 1 cell into 2 cells, or by arbitrary number. The steps you take are as follows:

Step 1: Click Insert on the menu, select Table. Then, you choose to continue Draw Table. Then, the mouse pointer will change to a pen shape.

Step 2: Split cells in Word as you like. You click the start and end points to divide. Then, this tool will draw a line to divide 1 cell into 2. And similarly, you can divide into as many cells as you want. This tool also allows you to draw diagonal lines in Wrord.

So it is in post Word tutorials Hey, Do Bao Nam Blog has shared with you a full description of how to insert columns or rows in Word. This is one of the little things to do when working with tables. In the following articles, Do Bao Nam Blog continues to share more information related to tables in Word. Please watch!

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