How to SEO Facebook Fanpage to TOP QUICK 2020

[BẬT MÍ] How to SEO Facebook Fanpage to TOP QUICK 2020

How to SEO Facebook Fanpage TOP effectively and quickly you know or not? If not, you can take a little time to look over the post of SEOLENART here. The article will help you unpack and open many things for you very much! Let's get started!

1. What is Facebook Fanpage SEO?

SEO Fanpage Facebook is the process of optimizing Facebook search engine. Put Fanpage on TOP high on Search Enigne (SE) of Facebook.

When having a good position on SE Facebook, your Fanpage will have more natural traffic. From there help the sales process become better, help sales increase a significant amount!

How to seo facebook fanpage effectively to the top fastest

2. What is the new algorithm of the Facebook search engine?

Facebook's new algorithm displays the Fanpage appearing in high positions on the SE of Facebook based on the following factors.

That content has been mentioned in the Facebook Fanpage

The Facebook Fanpage title contains the querying keyword.

Pages with a large amount of interaction, pages with a certain number of Friend.

Users used to like posts on that Fanpage.

User has commented on that Page.

Users have ever shared, checked in at that Page.

In general, the user's behavior related to that page, when searching for those pages, they will usually rank in the top TOP positions!

=> This is also the difference between Facebook and Google. Facebook keeps history and behavior of users on the Page to then suggest to users what they have interacted with before. And Google is different. Google requires your website to be of sufficient quality, content must be of sufficient value and other factors to put your high ranking on SE.

3. How to create a standard Facebook Fanpage to optimize

Probably the process of creating one Facebook fanpage it's too easy for everyone, but how to create Fanpage and optimize SEO can track the information below of HuanLenArt Please!

3.1 Create a Facebook Fanpage

Access to to create Facebook Fanpage.

3.2 Select categories of Facebook Fanpage

In the selection of categories of Facebook Fanpage, according to my experience. You should choose products and services. Because in this category there will be a lot of "Games" that I can apply to SEO Facebook after that!

effective way to seo fanpage facebook top fast

3.3 Name the page for Facebook Fanpage

The page name you should place contains keywords if it contains brand keywords too, it is very good. You remember the keyword phrase to be able to cover the keyword system you want it to TOP later!

effective way to seo fanpage facebook on top 1 google

3.4 Set URL for Facebook Fanpage

The username, also known as the URL of the Facebook Fanpage. You should also put with keywords to optimize easily offline!

effective way to seo fanpage facebook top 1

effective way to seo fanpage facebook top

3.5 Upload avatar

Uploaded avatar should be your company's logo. To make a better brand. The ability to identify and remember your brand is also easier.

seo facebook fanpage to the top most effective

3.6 Upload a cover

Cover image is a banner, you should design a banner with promotions, offers, information about your products and services and then post them on Facebook.

seo facebook fanpage top effective 1

seo facebook fanpage top effective

Click on the 3-dot button and choose to edit the page information and invite your friends to like your page!

4. How to SEO Facebook Fanpage on TOP Facebook and Google

Together, learn to optimize SEO for Facebook Fanpage to put it on TOP, guys!

4.1 Optimize general information for Facebook Fanpage

4.1.1 Optimize Facebook Fanpage name

As mentioned above, you have to analyze a keyword system with search volume then name your Fanpage cluster of keywords.

how to guide seo facebook to TOP in the fastest effective way

For example: I sell drag suitcase, plastic suitcase, travel suitcase, cheap suitcase, suitcase in Ho Chi Minh City, the name Fanpage may be: Cheap travel plastic suitcase in HCMC - VYLA. VYLA is my store's brand so I included it.

4.1.2 Optimize username or Facebook Fanpage URL

You should also optimize the URL for Fanpage similar to what you did when naming Fanpage so. This will help you optimize your URL a lot better!

4.2 Optimize Facebook Fanpage contact information

4.2.1 Enter phone

Enter the phone number of your company, business or store below!

instructions for seo facebook to TOP fastest

4.2.2 Enter website information

Include the destination page address that you want customers to reach on your website here.

guide seo facebook to TOP

4.2.3 Enter email address

Add email information so customers can easily see and contact.

guide to seo facebook to TOP quickly

4.2.4 Add other social accounts

Take a look at other social accounts here like:




















OK, got it



instructions for seo facebook to TOP 1

4.3 Optimize other information

4.3.1 Optimize referrals

This is a short introduction to your company, service, and product. The description is only 255 characters long, so please summarize the content of the product or service, including keywords, brands and contacts in this!

instructions for seo facebook to TOP google

4.3.2 Optimal copyright claims

Please write a long paragraph and contain all your keyword system in here. Remember to write a long introduction of products and services carefully and spread out to be able to accommodate the keyword system at the most!

4.3.3 Optimize the company overview

In this section you just need to COPY back to the content of the copyright claim.

4.3.4 Optimize general information

Please COPY the copyright statement item.

4.3.5 Optimize awards

Please copy the content of the copyright statement

4.3.6 Optimize the product

Please copy the content of the copyright statement

guide to seo facebook

4.3.7 Optimize the story

Write an introductory article containing keyword systems related to the main keyword. Add pictures, videos, and clearly align them so that customers who come here can buy goods!

quick facebook guide

4.3.8 Other optimizations

4.4 Share link on Facebook Fanpage

Put the company's product articles on your Facebook Fanpage to reach customers and close orders on the website. But you need to pay attention to some false information!

4.4.1 Revise the title for stimulating readers

Only you a little tip is to edit the title of the Fanpage to stimulate and help users to click more. Please write a title about 67 characters long that contains keywords that need SEO and Brand, so there is a possibility of CTR!

To edit if you link the website to the Facebook Fanpage, you will not be able to edit, at this time, you should upload any image that is also up. Then automatically you will be able to immediately fix that title! This TIP is not WHO KNOW, if interesting, remember to HuanLenArt is!

4.4.2 Note the hashtag

The hashtag should stick to the content you share.

The hashtag should contain your brand and the industry keyword you are SEOing.

Use trending hashtags so high searches can see your post on FanPage Facebook.

4.4.3 Optimize the description

Optimize the description before sharing the article!

4.5 Building links for Facebook Fanpage

Similar to how effective SEO SEO articles, there are following ways you can build links for your Facebook Fanpage.

4.5.1 Writing articles on social network systems

You can write on Medium, LinkedIn, Github, ... or other platforms and insert your video into that article!

4.5.2 Find your opponent's footprints

Find out where your competitor's Facebook Fanpage often builds links. And can you do it? If so, you list out the places that your opponent can get and you do the same!

4.5.3 Guest Post

This method has recently appeared in Vietnam. You can find good sources that can be free or paid to get your Facebook Guest Fanpage up here!

4.5.4 Press

You can spend money to book some articles about your brand and contain your Fanpage link in it!

4.5.5 Seeding your brand

Another way that the recent years are not so popular as in 2015 is seeding, you can go to the large forum systems related to your products and services. Create a seeding session first and then do the seeding for your brand!

4.5.6 Thanks to the KOL

If you have a good relationship with KOL in a certain industry, ask them to share or give information about your brand. The value will always be extremely large!

seo facebook fanpage

Just now is the share of the LENART SEO training on how to SEO Fanpage Facebook to TOP highly and most effectively. As if you were interested SEO CORE course We can register for access to the most valuable and practical knowledge!

I'm HuanLenArt - CEO - Founder SEOLENART

SEOLENART - The Art of Peaking Google!



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