How to write good content SEO 2020 | Simple & Effective

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization (roughly translated as doing search engine optimization) is a set of optimization methods to make the Website become friendly with the search engine (Search Engine), thereby improving. website rankings when users search for related keywords.

Our article below will guide you how to write simple and easy SEO or 2020 standard Content.

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Things to keep in mind when starting to write standard SEO articles

Before starting to write content standard SEO or 2020 you need to know through two things:

Things to know # 1:

The first post will always be the hardest. Because you have to learn how to insert keywords, set the title… However, from 2nd post onwards, things will gradually get better.

Need to know number 2:

  • Don't try to standardize SEO from the start.

  • Many people want to both write articles and standard SEO. That will be very difficult if you have not written standard SEO articles before.

  • So write a rough article first, then adjust and add standard SEO elements in it.

How to write good SEO articles 2020

Post ideas up

First of all, you need to identify keywords and article ideas. If you have no idea what to write about, I suggest an easy-to-use tool.

You visit the website

Enter your service or product in the search box. For example, housework

Enter your product or service in the search box

Press Enter, and you will get a lot of results. These are the keywords that users search for related to "housework".

Based on this you can choose ideas and keywords to write for yourself.

For example, here I choose the keyword "professional helpers". And I will write an analysis article "The difference between professional and unprofessional maid services".


  • Keywords must relate to your product or service. If your company does not have domestic help service for foreigners, then you should not choose the keyword "domestic help for Koreans".

  • With one keyword you can write many different articles.

Name the article

After you have an idea of ​​what to write about, then give it a name.

Note: The post name must contain keywords.


Preparing an outline before writing helps you not to go astray or ramble. Sometimes we are too excited to exploit a certain idea to make the content verbose. Then when you turn to another idea, you will flip through too quickly, causing the article to be unbalanced.

Outline is not too detailed. Just highlight the main points.

For example in the article about professional maid services, you have the main points:

  • Note 1: Benefits of choosing a professional maid service

  • Italy 2: The difference between professional and unprofessional service

  • Italy 3: How much is a professional maid service?

Writing raw articles

Below each main idea, you broaden the idea to create your article. No need to be too elaborate, you will do this in the following steps.

Posts should be between 500 and 600 words in length. In Word, you can see the amount of text here.

Scan the block to see the number of words, and look in the lower left corner of Word

Optimize SEO standards for the above article

The old way to write standard SEO articles was about keyword stuffing, leading to unnatural articles.

Currently, the way to write standard SEO articles has changed a lot. In which, in addition to optimizing the content around keywords, the user experience is also paid more attention.

a. Additional quotes for articles

Below the title of the post and above the content, there will be a small description. I call this a quote.

The quote will consist of 1-2 sentences. In it will briefly describe the content.

Quote to article (example from a news article on

Since you have finished writing the raw text above, there should be no difficulty writing this description.

Note: the description must contain keywords.

b. Insert keywords

Keywords here are keywords you chose to write at the beginning. In this example it is "professional chores".

Before inserting, you must check how many times the keyword in the content has been repeated.

In the Word file, press Ctrl + F, and enter your keywords. Then see the number of keywords currently in the post.

The keyword "professional helpers" is repeated 2 times.

The number of keyword repetitions is about 4-5 times in the overall article (excluding keywords in the article title).

With longer articles, the keyword will repeat more. However, with the number of words 500 - 600 as I mentioned above, the frequency of repeating 4 - 5 times is just right.

  • If your quantity is less. You find a place to insert it. Remember to divide the whole article.

  • If more quantity. You have to get rid of it.

c. Bold child headings

The subheadings in your essay are the main ideas in the article that we write down while planning the article.

  • Benefits when choosing a professional maid service

  • The difference between professional and unprofessional service

  • Price of professional maid service like?

At this point, you can highlight the subheadings. Subheadings help your post divide the ideas clearly, making it easier for viewers to grasp the information you want to convey.

d. Additional images

The article should contain at least 1-2 pictures. That helps the article become lively, not boring.

Image size should not be too small. Range 500 - 600 pixels or more.

Click on the shape and see the dimensions just below the window

Images should not be linked to website names or images of other companies. Below each image will be a caption for the image.

Read the article again

Before uploading to the website, please read your article again. Has the sentence been smooth yet, is there any meaning in obscurity.

Finally, check the editing stage: no misspellings, no typos.

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