How to Write Standard Content SEO Content Model Attracting Readers

The purpose of Content Writing is to build brand names, increase sales and standard SEO for the website. In order for these articles to reach their goals, your article needs to share the necessary knowledge to readers, bringing some useful information. You need to make these articles as interactive as possible through images, videos ... Today I will share some standard SEO writing formulas for the Website and sample content articles for Facebook.

  • Summary of the most simple but effective content samples

  • The most effective way of writing SEO content

  • What is Digital Content? Things You Didn't Know

Some general rules when writing content

  • Text in the article: Fun, informative but can be applied immediately.

  • Use the persons who say "I", "I" and "you".

  • Do not give false information

  • Only provide accurate information and sources that prove it.

The text in the article should be fun, informative but still applicable immediately.

Should use words like: Me, me and you

Do not give false information

Must give accurate information

Content writing guide

  • Should focus on the deeper the matter as possible, the more detailed the more effective.

  • Before you talk about the details of the product to reach readers, take the time to emphasize the importance of the problem and briefly introduce the benefits and solutions that make them remember it.

  • Follow the information or unique tips to make the article more effective

What Is Content Making? How to be effective?

Posts Content standard SEO templates for websites

Part 1: Introduction - Highlight the customer and explain the benefits of the proposed solution

  • Introduce 100 - 200 words

  • Try to insert some SEO keywords here in the most natural way

  • Begin your paragraph with questions so that the body is the answer

  • Explain why this article is important and why you are sharing it.

  • Have a passionate voice by the topic you give, the shorter, the more concise the better

Part 2: The next stages to do in the article

  • 75 - 300 words for a solution

  • Make a short paragraph to summarize the solutions / knowledge you will share in the lesson

  • If there is an alternative to the problem, do another short paragraph about it and choose
    either, then explain why you value the method.

Part 3: Specific step by step solutions / knowledge

  • 50 - 150 words per solution.

  • For each step, create a sub-heading for the name of each step and a sequence number

  • Try to have photos / videos that describe specifically

  • Briefly explain what readers need to do at each step

  • Repeat this step

Part 4: Conclusion

  • 80-150 words

  • Ask readers if you like the article

  • Again emphasize the importance of your writing

  • Ask for their thoughts in the comments and call for sharing if they like the post

  • If you have mentioned the product in the article, please mention it at the end of the article again

Source: GTV SEO

Posts Content template for Facebook

Sample facebook content or have stories

Good content template
Great ad templates - Great ads on facebook

Sample content or have warnings

Good content template
Impressive ads - great product ads

Sample content or with authentic product quality

Good content template

A good facebook content sample that contains a headline ad

Good content template

Sample funny or facebook content

Good content template
clothing sales stt - sample pr articles - company advertising articles

Sample content using celebrity photos

Good content template

Sample content or bring superior benefits to customers

Good content template

Sample content or provide useful information for users

Good sample content

Sample content catches the trend

Good sample content

Sample content has a humane meaning

Good content template

Combined with creative topics with Facebook indispensable images related. However, you must optimize images and fonts to suit the criteria required by Facebook.

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