Information to support data transfer to the system at TinoHost.

Welcome to TinoHost,

In order to be able to transfer data to the system at TinoHost, one of the information requirements you need to provide is listed as follows:

1 Where old data use same Control Panel with TinoHost.

If your service using Control Panel is cPanel for Cloud Hosting service, you can provide cPanel access account and access link, the technical department will access with your information and Make a copy of the system contact account and data will be copied as is.
In case you do not have or do not submit the above information, you can also backup data yourself and upload to cloud storage tools such as OneDrive, Mega, Google Drive etc. and provide access link and distribution. Access for TinoHost's technical department. Backup guidance information can be found here:

2 Case of moving some data separately in the entire Hosting.

In this case, you need to list specific information to move such as: Directory, Database, Email Data, Domain etc ... Specific information will help the technical team at TinoHost to support you. faster in data validation and data transfer operations.
For data isolation, it is guaranteed that the Hosting / VPS that you are using must have a larger amount of space than the data will be transferred to ensure successful ZIP compression and no loss errors. data when transferring.
Data when transferring will be guaranteed 100% integrity. In other cases the platform will have some minor problems such as:
The source code is not working properly due to the incorrect PHP version.
- Access has some 404 link.
- Error some access paths etc.
In case of the same error, you need feedback to the technical department at TinoHost for support soonest.

3 When transferring data from a WordPress website that is online.

In this case, you need to provide access information with the account which is authorized at the administrator level of the website, the Website allows new installation and there are no Fuctions to block the installation of Plugins supporting data extraction. Data and available free space of the data storage place must be more than the total capacity of the website to be moved.

4 Point the domain name to Hosting / VPS or install SSL after transferring the data.

In order to install SSL on the new Hosting / VPS at TinoHost, the domain name needs to be pointed to TinoHost's IP address, to do this you need to provide access information to the DNS manager of the domain name or access all your domain management information.
In case you do not provide information forcing you to manipulate the correct domain pointing with Hosting / VPS. For Hosting, the IP address can be viewed at the cPanel manager or the service information is sent to your Email address or use the Nameserver: and for Cloud service. Hosting. For Cloud VPS service, you can view the IP in the service manager or check the information at Service registration email at TinoHost.

5 Refuse of assistance and support capacity area.

TinoHost support team reserves the right to refuse to operate in the following cases:
The source code has data that is too large to be extracted through Client-side tools (customer service, basic operation level). When the data is too large to be compressed, it will cause time out of the task, so encapsulating the data is not possible.
- There are too many websites that need to be transferred with manual operation, in case you have a few websites that need to transfer data, most of the support team can perform the operation quickly and early when supporting. For a larger number of technical departments, priority will be given to dealing with more necessary and urgent Tickets, so the websites of many technical departments may be scheduled for transfer at non-peak or mobile hours. moved at the end of business hours as extra support. In case of too much, the technical department will report additional fees if any before performing the data transfer of the customer.
- The data is not compatible with TinoHost's system, TinoHost always encourages customers to use the service before the service to ensure compatibility, in case of payment but not meeting the demand for use, you can completely join. Refund policy at TinoHost.

Hopefully, with the above information, you can grasp the provision and exchange of information in the process of supporting data transfer to the system at TinoHost.





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