Instructions to register Cloud VPS service at TINOHOST

Hello friends,

In this article, I will guide you to sign up for Cloud VPS service at TinoHost.

Log in to the customer page

Visit the page to login or create new customer accounts at TinoGroup.

Choose "Log in" if you already have an account.

(If No customer accounts yet You can refer to the following guide to register for a customer account at TinoHost: Link)

Continue with Log in, you can also log in with your social network account.

Sign up for Cloud VPS and Place an Order

Section Service you choose Cloud VPS Pro. Or visit the link:


Select a service pack

There will be many Cloud VPS packages, you choose the package according to your needs. There are 2 parameters to keep in mind when choosing a Hosting plan:

+ Disk space: If the website has large capacity and you have many websites, you need to choose a package with more disk space.

+ CPU, RAM: Depending on the purpose of using VPS, you will choose the VPS package that suits your needs. Often VPS uses to install control panels, scripts to run the website. Note that control panels like directadmin, vestacp, cyberpanel will be heavier than scripts. With control panel you should use VPS with RAM from 2GB or more. About Cpu. the number of sites is less than 5 you can use 1 CPU, with a larger number of websites you should choose a service pack with a larger number of CPU cores, of course, in some cases of heavy heavy-duty websites that often handle images, grab The article you should choose package with large amount of CPU.

Click Choose Order Hosting packages I need to buy.


Custom configuration.

First you choose the desired payment cycle: 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, 3 years ...

Here you can also customize the configuration as desired as well as operating system selection.

By default, the selected package is configured as package information at the homepage, but for some reasons and your usage, you can customize to increase some parameters such as, RAM, IP, Dung amount of hard drive ...

Also on Tino you can also choose the control panel, the system script will automatically install for you, some scripts, panels at tino such as: Directadmin, Vestacp, VPSSIM, ...


Finally, enter the VPS name (hostname) and root password for your new VPS, You can optionally add a VPS admin request for 390,000 / month.

You note, hostname name should have sub before eg:, ...



Payment and promotion (Coupon)

If you have a promotion code (Coupon) you enter the promotion box and click apply to cart apply discount code for you.



Next There are many forms of payment in this section. However, I recommend you pay online to automatically activate the service quickly.

After selecting the payment method, click "Pay" to complete. The browser will redirect you to another page to enter payment information and make payment.

For example: MoMo payment page, you open MoMo application on your phone to scan QR code to pay.

When payment is completed, the service will be automatically activated. Information about the service is emailed to you in the Mail box.

Summary of payment methods at Tino can be found here:

7-day trial: You choose "Pay" But no need to pay. Then you send a ticket to the technical department with the VPS 7-day trial content, link to send the ticket:



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