Instructions to use MobaXterm to SSH into linux server

For Linux operating systems such as CentOS, Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian ... the usual control is done via CLI command line operation. To do this, users will use software such as Putty, MobaXterm, XShell to perform SSH to the default port 22 of the server. In this tutorial, Tino will guide you to use MobaXtem.

1. The good features of MobaXtem

MobaXterm has better features than using Putty, it helps users manipulate better when controlling linux servers, including:

  • Support opening multiple windows to work.

  • Support integrated FTP or SFTP to transfer files from the user to the server.

  • Support for CLI screen zoom operations or color changes more eye-catching.

  • Support connection methods such as FTP, Telnet, RDP (remote desktop to windows machines)

  • Support tools used to scan ports, scan networks.

  • Save the login session after first accessing SSH or other protocols.

2. How to use MobaXterm

2.1. Download MobaXterm

MobaXtem offers 2 versions, free version - Home Edition and premium version - Professional Edition. For regular users, just downloading the free version is enough (the free version) allows saving the first 10 SSH sections (which can be understood as 10 servers).

When downloading the free version, you can choose the portable format (extract and use it now) or install (download and install). Download the free version - Home Edition at the link below

In this tutorial, we will choose the type of installation file for the Home Edition

Download MobaXterm Home Edition (Free edition) - download the setup file

After downloading, continue to perform the installation operations. During the installation the default options are enough to use.

2.2. Use MobaXterm to access SSH

After the installation is complete, open MobaXterm, we will have the following interface.

The interface of MobaXterm

Perform the operation to open the SSH connection window to your server. We choose the tab Section=> New section. Additionally, key combinations can be performed Ctl + Shif + N , we have the same result.

The new window that appears after the above operation will look like below. Select a tab SSH

A window displays asking the user to enter to access SSH.

In the above window, proceed to enter the IP address and port of the server. Usually the default SSH port value will be 22 if you do not make any changes. In this tutorial we will connect to the IP address that is with the following information:

  • Remote host: enter the IP address, in this guide it is

  • Port: Enter the server's SSH port, the default is: 22

  • The other school is left blank.

Once finished importing, select OK.

After selecting OK, we will have the interface to enter the server's user and password. Usually will use a user named root and password provided earlier.

Enter your account and password.

Note, when entering the password will not display a * as in other applications, you can copy the password to notepad and paste it again on the screen above.

The screen after entering the correct password for the root account

In the screen above, we choose Yes so every time to log in, we do not need to re-declare the password. Also note this should be considered as the password will be saved on your device. In the instructions of the above window allow to delete these saved passwords if you want.

After choosing YES we will have the screen below.

CLI screen after successful login.

We can check the operating system version by command cat /etc/*-release. The results will display as below.

Order results cat /etc/*-release

Or you can check with other commands like: ip address, ping

At this point, you have successfully accessed SSH and can begin working.

2.3. Other operations with MobaXterm

In addition to using SSH, MobaXterm can also be used to perform file transfers via sftp. In this tutorial I will guide you to upload files from your personal computer to the server via MobaXterm.

Select the sftp tab as shown below.

SFTP tab

Select an icon upload

Select the upload icon

Select the file to upload from your computer and select Open

After selecting files, depending on the size, the upload time will be fast or slow. We can observe in the screen like below.

Monitor data upload rate from personal computer to server.

After the upload is done, we can check it in the directory /root/ of the server to see if the file is available by command ls -alh at the directory /root/.

The resulting file has been uploaded to the server.

3. Conclusion

In this tutorial, Tino showed you the basics of MobaXteam. You can experience more of its other features on the tabs, please experience and share with us if you want.


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