Landing Page? Landing Page Indispensable Marketing Campaign

Landing Page? Landing Page Indispensable Marketing Campaign

Landing Page?

Landing Page
Landing Page

Landing Page, also known as landing page, is a specially designed page. Landing Page is the target's destination, after they click on an ad, or a link to search engine results.

Landing Page is currently very popular in training services, beauty spas, finance, events, travel, real estate ... Understand simply, the ultimate goal of huge advertising costs is achieve a high conversion rate, "make money" for businesses. And the landing page is what you need.

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Landing Page What Are The Basic Types?

Lead generation landing page- Landing page collects customer information

Landing page to collect customer information. This is an indispensable step in "making money" for businesses. The customer is the focus, so how can you convince them to leave information via a form? And the Lead generation landing page is the place to shorten the distance, help increase customer trust. In particular, customer information is always accompanied by exchanging benefits they receive such as advice, gifts and even discount codes.

Click-through Landing Page- Landing page conversion

First of all, the way Ngan thinks when doing any marketing activities is that I often put myself in the shoes of my customers. Hence, I understand that we are all distracted by the terrifying "buy button". Especially the current economy makes customers very hesitant and hesitant to click the buy button.

Don't worry! Click-through Landing Page in my opinion is the solution to help businesses shorten the distance with customers. This is considered an information reading station, providing more information as well as product benefits to help convince customers to increase faster. In particular, conversion landing pages are extremely helpful for increasing conversion rates.

Pitch landing page- Landing Page introduction

You are interested in how products and services of the business can capture the minds of customers? Landing Page introduction is a place to help you position your brand, help you win the hearts of customers through highlighting the value of the business products. In my opinion, if you do a good job positioning in the mind of the customer, making them smile and have good sympathy, the customers will find you.

Splash landing page

It is not positioning in the minds of customers, nor do they have to force customers to provide information, or direct them to choose to buy ... This is where you can inform customers of the advantages. Deals, latest news or news depending on your industry and industry. It helps customers get access to necessary information. According to Ngan, it hits our curiosity - it's a good strategy.

Squeeze landing page - Landing page collecting leads

As a client, I am reluctant to give email to others. Are you always asking the question Why do I have to provide an email address? And Squeeze landing page is where you get the lead file to build data for your business.

How Squeeze landing page works is to encourage visitors to opt-in to email or subscriber lists to voluntarily collect more information about the products or services featured on the main page.

Sales landing page- Sales landing page

If product value is the factor that customers are interested in. The conversion rate is one of the business factors that cannot be ignored. By delivering the benefits that customers expect from the product. Sales landing page is a place to convince customers with information that customers cannot ignore. From there, the business gets closer to this group of potential customers

Combining The Benefits of Landing Page Design

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For customers

If customers feel beneficial, then they will be willing to spend money for business profits. So from a business perspective, when designing a landing page, we should know what customers get? By doing that, marketing will be effective.

Customers will have more information about the product in detail. Landing Page landing pages are your stops to help you shorten your product thinking time.

For Businesses

According to Ngan, in addition to the value the business provides to customers, this is where businesses can increase conversion rates, increase revenue. Specifically:

  • Landing Page helps to increase traffic and sales

  • Landing Page helps to increase traffic and sales

  • Help understand customer psychology

  • Landing Page will improve business reliability.

Hopefully the sharing will help you define the Landing Page and the values ​​that Landing Page brings to your business and customers.

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