Landing Page Not All Sales Efficiently

Landing Page Not All Sales Efficiently

COVID is still rolling out, businesses are gradually turning to online business to accommodate the changing market. Landing page - a solution to increase conversion rates, can not be ignored. a tool to help businesses "make money" faster.

But there is one problem that Ngan thinks we need to recognize is: Not just building Landing Page, not just showing off all the products on it, then we can win hearts and hearts. trust of customers.

Content Scramble will help you to make sure the important factors that help create the success of Landing Page.

Factors that make customers willing to pay out of pocket

Ngan tried to put himself as a customer when visiting the Landing Page to buy a book teaching how to write content more attractive. In my opinion, most of us customers will not care how much advertising the business has invested or how much it costs to get such a product on the Landing Page.

What customers care about is the benefits they receive and their expectations about the product. Therefore, when building Landing Page, stand in the position of the customer, to be able to understand what they want to know? By always asking yourself:

  • Why should they buy their own product?

  • What special products do they have to remember?

  • Assuming a customer buys their product, what benefit they will not have.

And many other why questions. Ask a lot of questions, then you will have the answers to how to build Landing Page effectively. In particular, you will know the characteristics you need to show on your Landing Page, not simply "throwing" all the information on it.

Headline- Attractive at first sight


After we have identified the things to "throw" on the Landing Page already. Think of it as a bit of a nanoscale in reaching customers.

Now Ngan will take you to step 2. Headline- Making Content should take care of the headline a bit!

You want to get the public's attention, you want to create a common theme for the whole article, increase keyword rankings and most importantly persuade customers to click on "ACTION ''. All the things on Headline cannot be done on their own. However, a brainchild will help you retain readers.

For Headline, Content makers should note the following points:

The post title is a real social proof

With headlines that show evidence that will excite users to read by reflecting truthful content so that the reader does not feel that it will take time to read cliché, no evidence. just say patterns. At the same time, with evidence, social testimonials will also make readers see the reliability of the product or service that the article is referring to, for example:

+ Why would 10,000 people want to use the product…. this.

+ The method of making money is interested and implemented by many business people.

The title of the post is threatening

With a mindset of fear of the effects that might happen to problems around him or family members on problems and the ability to affect readers' interests. In particular, when making a title, the writer should pay attention to the audience to make the title threatening to the reader.

+ Never advertise Facebook before you know the advertising rules of Facebook

+ Are you constantly experiencing these respiratory symptoms?

The title contains beneficial content

Besides the headlines about the threat to the readers, the ad titles that contain the interests of readers also always attract and attract the readers about the content of the articles. Because of the personality that people always want to find out information of their own interests, issues that can bring benefits to them will stimulate network users to click articles on articles about beneficial titles. me.

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The header is colored in the background

Moreover, the size and font of the title is also a key point. Should choose fonts that are easy to see, eye-catching, and the size should be larger than the others to attract customers' eyes. Customers deciding whether to stay with your business or not lies in this "first shot".

Image: Vivid visualization is essential


People tend to be attracted to images and memorize them more than text. Therefore, the Landing Page must be invested in quality images to make a good impression and experience with customers. Get realistic images from your own products, services, and projects to increase authenticity. Many types of images related to a product help customers have a detailed, specific view of that product. Place images in positions that are favorable to the eye of the viewer, using harmonious colors and suitable sizes.

Note that the image must be carefully balanced with the text for maximum effect. Avoid the case of words with pictures, word masks, ...

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Product Description: Always detailed and clear to the customer

If customers are interested in your product, this is the "eat point" part. A piece of text that clearly and detailed about the features, uses, ingredients of the product or the service delivery process will make them convinced. And don't forget to include vivid visuals for even more engaging.

Testimonials: Build credibility


There are many ways to build trust in customers and affirm the quality of your business, for example: testimonials or customer reviews, certification stamps or customer logos, badges or certificates. security, metrics or success stories. Giving reputable testimonials or testimonials from existing customers is one of the most effective ways to improve conversion rates today.

New customers will have more motivation and confidence in the products / services of the business when they see the above testimonials. So carefully select the quality reviews and testimonials for your Landing Page presentation. But also do not too much because it will backfire, creating "doubts" about the authenticity of the customer.

And don't forget to convince customers to take action (Call to action CTA).

Always remember: The ultimate goal of the Landing Page is also to sell, close sales. So a Landing Page that, after the visitor visits it, does not perform any action, is a dead Landing Page!

Call to Action (CTA) is essential and don't forget to end the page with a CTA button. Plus, to optimize conversions, intelligently arrange CTAs everywhere on the page to motivate customers to act. Trying to write down CTAs that really persuade customers is the key to landing page success.

Thu Ngann- Synthesize & edit

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The article does not have to landing all pages that sell effectively on Content Day - the journey to conquer Content Creator.


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