Learn everything about what internal links are - what is an external link?

Link is one of the extremely good tools to assist in search engine optimization. Therefore, learning about the types of links will be more convenient for SEO, help increase rankings and bring the website closer to customers. So What is an internal link? And What is an external link? Join us to find out right in this article.

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Find out what is internal linking?

If understood and translated according to the correct English meaning internal link is internal links. This means that the link of this page will link to another website but have the same domain. This will make it easy to link information and content on the same website.

Besides, internal link can also be found in your own articles, and it also brings extremely high value for website SEO.

Guide the plans for effective internal linking in SEO

1 / Link internal link to Rank.

When you embark on linking your website's link to another website, it means that you will transfer traffic as well as trust to that website. Thanks to that, improving the ranking of the website being pointed to is also enhanced. In particular, internal linking will help websites with the same domain increase together on google search rankings.

2 / Link internal linking to high-traffic websites

In any website, if the number of visitors is more, its search results and ranking on search engines like google will also increase. If you link your website to an article with a lot of traffic, it will make you more effective when it comes to internal linking.

Learn about External link is what?

The same is true What is internal linking? Then if you translate the English meaning, you will know What is external link? In fact, external links are also known as external links. It will link another website to your website. This is extremely important in increasing website traffic and doing SEO. In other words, it is also known as a backlink.

Types of External link

In terms of characteristics and properties, external links are divided into 2 categories. Specifically, include outbound link and inbound link.

External links will create links in other websites, in forums to generate traffic from that website to the customer's official website. It is also known as Backlink. Conversely, if you link from the site to other external websites, it is called an Outlink. Outlink has an important role in increasing the search rankings of your official website on search companies. However, you also need to manage your outlinks well so as not to lose credibility due to linking with poor quality spam sites.

2.1. Outbound link:

Outbound links are links located on the website but will lead to external websites. This means that when a user clicks on that link, they will be directed to another website. That means you will lose one visit to the website. This will show your website has a connection with other websites, and will get better google trust.

2.2. Inbound link:

Inbound link means backlink or also known as backlink. Backlinking is extremely important when optimizing Offpage and is the best way to attract traffic to your website. Because if the more traffic you will have higher rankings on the search engines.

The above summary is all the information that we would like to introduce you to What is internal link, what is external link? Hope the information in this article will be useful to you

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