[Linux] Guide to SSH access to Cloud VPS

For the use of Cloud VPS service, the use of SSH seems to be required to be able to use (It seems that here is considered 95% if not taking into account the case of using the pre-installed Template that the team technicians of TinoHost build such as Direct Admin, VestaCP, CyberPanel etc)

SSH, or Secure Shell, is a remote control protocol that allows users to control and modify servers remotely over the Internet. The service was created to replace Telnet, which is not encrypted and uses cryptographic techniques to ensure all communication sent to and from the remote server is encrypted. It provides algorithms for remote user authentication, passing input from client to host, and relaying returned results to the client.

To be able to access via SSH today for Windows, Ubuntu, MACOS, most of them already support Terminal tools, if you use Windows, you can use PUTTY or with more support functions such as MobaXtem, Xshell etc.

The SSH command will include:

ssh [user]@[host]

The SSH key command tells the system that you want to open an encrypted Secure Shell Connection connection. [user] represents the user account you want to use to access. For example, you want to access the user root, then replace the root here. User root is the system administrator user with full authority to edit anything on the system. [host] represents the computer / VPS you want to use to access (which is the IP address you want to connect to).

Usually when asked to enter a password, your input operations are not displayed on the screen, but when you enter and the system will receive and when you complete the ENTER operation, if the password is correct you can access to VPS.


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