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If you work in marketing, you must be familiar with the Grand Opening. But are you sure you have a correct understanding of the term and the procedures required for a successful Grand opening? Refer to the article below to better understand What is grand opening Compulsory procedures are indispensable when organizing an opening event!

What is the Grand Opening?

The grand opening is also known as the official opening date of a store, is the first event of great significance, opening for business activities and big and small events later. In the hotel and restaurant industry, the Grand opening will have the participation of many guests, partners, investors and many potential customers, important characters contributing to shaping and developing the brand. Castle. This is also an opportunity for the owner of the business to introduce and advertise the image to a large number of customers as well as send preferential programs to pay tribute to shareholders and partners.

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The Grand opening day will usually have entertainment activities, dining, and sweet parties for guests. Besides, there will also be mini game play with many attractive promotional offers for customers.

The Grand opening day has a very special meaning, because this is not only the opening day, introducing special features in the store's business activities, but also attracting the attention of many guests. journalists, investors, potential customers, so all plans and schedules of the Grand opening ceremony must take place very carefully and impressively.

What is Soft Opening?

What is Soft Opening? (Source: EV Grieve)

Different from Grand opening, Soft opening is the test date of restaurants and bars for the purpose of selling products before going into official business. During the soft opening day, the restaurant will welcome a certain number of guests to check out and give perfect suggestions on operating procedures, product quality, customer service skills of the staff ... . This is an opportunity for the restaurant owner to listen and absorb positive feedback from customers in order to change the appropriate adjustments and prepare the best for the official opening day.

The planning process for Grand opening

Choose a special date

Whatever the job New store opening can last for a few weeks, you should also choose a beautiful day or weekend to hold a big festival and invite everyone. Advertisement "Grand Opening Weekend" in newspapers, banners on all websites or billboards in obvious places.

Choose a topic - a name

Usually, the store opening will simply be called an ABC Store Opening Ceremony. But to make your show really interesting, you can choose a name along with the entire concept and theme of the Opening Ceremony. You can take simple topics as inspiration and intimacy, for example, the business of fashion items will be based on current hot trends or seasonality; The restaurant business will choose the theme of the sea if the main product is seafood ...

Determine the cost of promotional gifts

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In the Grand Opening, besides brand and product information, promotional gifts and discounts are also important factors to attract attendees. Therefore, do not hesitate to spend your investment budget on small gifts, attractive promotional vouchers to customers to increase brand awareness and help customers feel secure when using our services. Give promotional gifts, but don't forget to define a specific gift cost to easily control the quantity and adjust your budget accordingly.

Build a long-term marketing strategy

Grand opening is just the beginning of the company's small and large business activities. In addition to the perfect preparation for the opening ceremony, you need to build a long-term marketing strategy to promote your products and services to more customers. Establishing a long-term marketing strategy is not only a guideline for brand marketing activities but also positioning the brand name in the market, so that customers always remember and trust your products among countless Another competitor in the market.

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Carry out a customer outreach campaign

Next, you need to carry out marketing campaigns both online and offline to widely promote the opening event of the restaurant to a wide range of users. Choose to prioritize advertising in nearby areas through flyers, then reach a wider audience by increasing coverage on social media channels, PR articles, reminders Participating in the event is constantly updated on the website and posted on the mass media.

Plan specific programs

Finally, you must build a detailed and clear timeline of the activities to take place on the opening day: including what activities, how long it is expected to take place, who the guests include, home decor. What is the product ... The program plan should be scheduled at least 2-3 months before the official opening date to be able to allocate staff, assign work and anticipate unexpected events. . The more early and proper planning, the grand opening event will take place in the best and most perfect.

Grand opening is considered an important stepping stone for the operation and development of the store. A successful opening ceremony not only needs to be grandiose but also needs to attract the attention of a large number of users, increase access and expand the potential customer base for the store. Therefore, the investor or restaurant manager needs to focus on investing and implementing a very elaborate grand opening plan and anticipating possible situations to come up with reasonable project plans. let the environment make me passive in handling.

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Marketing for the opening day (Grand Opening)

Advertising in nearby areas

Local newspapers and magazines will be a helpful resource for you to promote the neighborhood to your store. The weekly newspaper is a great place to run ads for the opening, free laundry coupons ... to inspire potential customers to try your store. Ask them about the cost of placing leaflets on newspaper pages. Usually the prices won't be that expensive, and some small newspapers even give you a free reservation if they are offered special promotional coupons.

Advertise on websites

Today, people consume information primarily over the Internet from laptop or smart phones. Online advertising is extremely necessary to create great coverage on social media. The most common is to place banners on major newspaper pages, which have a high number of outreach and interaction, getting the attention of many classes and many readers. Or use Google Adwords, SEO keywords on Google so that your opening ceremony information always shows up first when users search for related keywords or it will always show up on the first line when on the results page. any of Google. Or more specifically, a campaign includes banners, PR articles and increases views for more impressions. These are all effective ways to promote your brand communication to the majority of users.

Prepare a good service team

The store employee is the first target customers come into contact with when they come to the store. Every employee is a representative image of the brand. Make sure the staff are well trained and always keep a friendly attitude to customers.

There are discounts, promotions, free giveaways, prizes available

This is one of the most important elements for your customers to look forward to your Grand Opening, as well as during important holidays. It differs from normal days in that the products can be discounted at the maximum and they have the opportunity to own quality products at a more preferential price. Don't be afraid to budget for the discount on these days, as it can be very profitable in the future after the customer “tries it out” and likes the quality of your product (in case of a product claim , your service is always good and guaranteed).

Make clear plans

Finally, you must have a clear plan for the show: how Timeline, how long will it take place (all day or one morning / afternoon / evening), which celebrities will be invited to, the performances Who is the music performed by, is there a lucky draw, how is the trial / sample / promotion area, the store decoration, the store display ...

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Procedures to apply for a license to hold a Grand opening

To hold the Grand opening event, you will definitely have to apply for an organization license, including: venue, plan to execution, ... To have a successful Grand opening, you need to know Clearly the following licensing procedures:

Deadline to complete the profile and apply for a license

After selecting a nice day to hold the opening ceremony, you must complete the application and apply for permission. You should do this early, to avoid close to the date of the new event as this could result in missed dates or situations that require you to modify your licensing documents. Applications for review should be submitted at least 30 days before the store opening date.

Basic documents are required when applying for a permit

  • An application for an event license in the name of the company applying for permission.

  • Copy of business registration certificate, event contract signed with the client (if you are the organizer).

  • The client's authorization for the company organizing the application.

  • Contract signed with the venue owner, the program content.

  • If the program features music and entertainment, then a certificate of royalty payment is required.

  • Record of lyrics (lyric) with a performance organization program with foreign elements, such as a foreign artist returning to Vietnam to perform, you should pay attention to submit the passport of that artist ( for large scale organization programs).

  • If there is a lottery or promotion program, a permit from the Department of Industry and Trade is required.

  • Whether or not tickets are sold for the event, and if there are tickets, it is necessary to include the ticket maket.

  • All documents need to have a seal stamped at the destination, must clearly state that there is a Deposit Deposit ... If you do not pay attention to these things you will lose time to travel many times.

Apply for permits in the localities

If you organize Grand opening For one of your restaurant chains, taking place in many provinces, you only need to apply for a permit in one province and submit that province's permit to the localities where the organization is organized to receive an official approval letter to organize.

Pay attention to the time and deadline to apply for the sublicense in other provinces. For large-scale events, you need to submit organizational proposals with official dispatch of the Provincial People's Committee (including: steering agency, organizing committee, implementing unit, program content, communication plans. information, implementation progress, guest list (if there is the appearance of large-scale characters), ...

Depending on the locality, there will be regulations on licensing procedures, to make it clear and thoughtful, you should go directly to the authorities of that province to learn and follow.

Other important notes

When organizing the store opening event, you should send notice to the local authorities so that they know and assist the store in case of disturbing order, traffic congestion because during the opening ceremony. This campaign will attract the participation of a large number of users and congestion will be inevitable.

In particular, the grand opening event absolutely does not touch sensitive issues such as politics or religion. To have a successful opening ceremony, you must be very careful and knowledgeable in building, implementing the plan as well as applying for an organization license to avoid unnecessary incidents.


Grand opening is an important milestone in affirming the brand name and increasing the brand coverage to the majority of customers. Hope through the article above will help you grasp the important elements and the main steps necessary to effectively implement an opening ceremony. Do not be a little nervous and careless, but leave an undue impression on this special day. Be thorough and perfectionist for the grand opening ceremony to be successful and impressive!

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