Read Stars Not Bored, Make Use Of Free Time And Still Efficiently CoVid Season

Read Stars Not Bored, Make Use Of Free Time And Still Efficiently Season COVID


I have been a busy person.

I'm busy with school deadlines. I am busy preparing for my goals, for my dreams. I'm busy getting up early to go to work. Every day I go to school keeps me busy. We get busy because exams are constantly taking place. In order for the day to go by so quickly that we cannot sum it up, we must start a new working day ...

Days go by, we still do. Always trying every day but still the same, trying for us is never enough.

Until one day, I stopped the pace that was going on. Start spending time with yourself by reading. Because reading books in my free time makes me feel that what I'm trying to do is meaningful. I put the book down and got motivated to act ...

But I am a busy person. Reading alone will I have enough to make a living nowadays .... I wonder if there is a fast and effective way to maintain this habit every day, even if only for 30 minutes?

Don't Think No More, Just Pick Up Any Book You Like Most Start With

Reading is like reading a storybook. Once we are fully immersed in the plot, then you will be reading very quickly and not bored. So reading a lot and reading continuously is a way to help you read quickly.

6 steps to have an effective reading and long-lasting memory

Here is some advice from Jimenez, a professor of Latin American history, on how to read a book a week

Step 1: Start with the author

Who wrote this book? Take the time to understand the author of a book by reading a quick biography or a short interview or online article about the author. This will tell you about the writers' trends and perspectives.

Step 2: Read the title, subtitles, book cover and table of contents

What is the whole book's argument? How are arguments structured? With just the steps above, you will be able to briefly summarize the main idea of ​​the book for someone who has not read the book.

Step 3: Read the introduction and conclusion

Authors often state their arguments in the opening and ending arguments of the book. Please read these two sections carefully. From here, you have a general idea of ​​the author's destination and these sections will tell you how the author leads (introduction) and what the author wants (conclusion).

Step 4: Scan each chapter

Read the title and first paragraphs of the first few pages of the chapter to identify how the author argues in that chapter and where the chapter appears to match that of the whole book. Then flip through the main headings and subheadings (if any) to feel the flow. Read the first and last sentences of each paragraph. If you understand the idea, continue to another page. If not, you may need to read the entire paragraph. Once you understand the content of a chapter, you can skim through all the pages in that chapter, as the thesis is clear to you and some of the points are repeated often too.

Step 5: Read the table of contents again

After you finish reading the book, go back to the table of contents and summarize the contents in your head. Take a few minutes to reflect on the flow of the book, the arguments you considered, the stories you remember, the journey you took with the author.

Step 6: Notes

During the reading, take notes as if preparing for your conversation with the author. For example, which points agree or not, what questions are still open, or things that might be discussed with others or need further reflection.

Make it a habit to read every day so that every day we can have more knowledge. There will come a time when you will be thankful for that knowledge that has passed through your life.

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As for me, reading not only helps me get rid of negative thoughts, helps me become calm, not mind the negative words of everyone around me. It also adds motivation to act when the lazy person dominates the mind.

Try to hold and persistently read through a book that you feel like.

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Writer: Thu Ngann

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