EAT is the hottest phrase in 2018 when in August 2018 Google updated the core Medic algorithm that hit the websites with poor quality content, so to speak, during that time, Google's SERP table seemed to be F5 again (the latest was on September 2, 2016 when the Penguin 4.0 algorithm scanned). And the latest based on personal experience and more than 20 projects that we are implementing is at the end of August and early September, Google again scans pages with very sticky pages of 404, 500, 301, 302. strong. Any site with large traffic will be stuck without mercy.

Come on today, SEOLENART I will share with you the article about the correlation between EAT and Search Intent, but to dig deeper, we will look at the concept of EAT?

1. What is EAT?

EAT stands for 3 words Expertise, Authority, Trust (Specialization, Authority, Trust). EAT is considered one of the many principles that Google relies on to evaluate the quality of your website is really perfect or not?

The establishment of EAT helps eliminate spam and non-authorized information. Minimize the risk to customers who come from non-originating information and commit that 100% is the best.

What is EAT SEO

2. How to create and use EAT to develop SEO

2.1 Expertise (specialization)

Specialization here means that your content is truly shared as an expert in a certain niche. You have to build an image of yourself as an expert in a certain field.

Take an easy-to-understand example: I modeled an expert in the field of SEO in Vietnam market. At least I must have real experience in SEO. Must share useful and valuable information around the topic where you want to build that expert image. Sharing must be really useful and bring value to the reader in order for you to develop specialization.

Consider, what are you working in and what industries? Analyze the keyword system around your industry. Please share a lot of different information, the value is also when you are building Expertise for your website in the best way.

Specialization is currently divided into two main types:

Specialization of 100% accurate information: Including finance, health, law and health. This information, when shared, must be licensed, proving it comes from an extremely reliable source.

Specialization based on experience: This is the specialization you should build to develop content for your website.

2.2 Authority

Authenticate who shares information for content on your website. If the content creator is someone who has a good brand in the niche that you are developing, do not hesitate to list all of that author's information on your website.

More information about the author who shared the content

Experience working in the industry like

Please link to their own personal website to build Content Authority as best as possible.

Once Google has confirmed that the information is closely related and accurately identifies the author, it is not surprising that Google enhances the ranking results of your website on the SERP.

Specialization of EAT

2.3 Trust

This is one of the criteria that helps users see you as a true expert in their eyes. By improving UX / UI, improving your website search interface, improving your experience by impacting website code like html, css, java. Also the ability to link posts, share content.

What do you do when customers come into your website? They are extremely easy to buy, easy to find information. With just 1 or 2 mouse clicks, they will buy the product they need. When they read an article that they think this article is dedicated to her or when they finish reading this article, they want to read another article.

3. Search Intent

Honestly, the term Search Intent is not too unfamiliar to SEOs, only we are not used to talking about this term, but in fact this is the job that when doing search engine optimization. SEOer must do.

Search Intent (search intent): What information are users looking for? When they find that information, what are their needs and desires? How can you provide the most complete and timely information for them? How many intentions are there in searching for user information?

The content you produce must correspond to each stage as well as match each query that users search. And then return the best results.

Search Intent SEO

According to statistics, there will be 04 purposes for finding information that users perform:

3.1 Search for information to learn

With these types of searches, users often do not have a purpose to buy, they just want to find information to learn and apply only. But with these queries you can easily make users remember your brand.


Instructions on how to SEO website to TOP Google most effectively?

TOP most accurate keyword analysis tool?

What are the basic to advanced Onpage tips?

Image SEO standard SEO easiest to top?

How to SEO video to TOP Google?

These are all queries for the purpose of seeking information to learn, understand more or apply the way you share. To them, you are like a teacher?

Have you noticed that the types of searching information for understanding and learning are usually in the TOP 0 of Google? Which temporarily call it Box Result. Position TOP 0 helps your website get more attention from users. They will easily click to read your article. So what should you do? Analyze a lot of queries that users only search for information to grow your website.

3.2 Search for information to purchase

With these queries the user is ready to buy from you. Usually this information is usually in the product catalog, or the product details.

For example:

Buy white office dress at Tan Phu

Looking to buy a 1kw generator in HCMC

Ho Coc photography package with cheap price in Ho Chi Minh City

All of them say they want to buy a lot. Why don't you provide what they need to sell to them?

What is Search Intent SEO

3.3 Finding information for authentication

This is a kind of natural search used to authenticate brands that users may have known before hearing a referral or they accidentally surf online and meet you.

Example: They are surfing FB and see you selling beautiful high heels under the brand name ABC or something? If they really want to buy this item. They will gently go to Google search with the syntax: keyword + brand. And if they see your website they will visit the information and make a decision to buy if the product you are beautiful, good price convinces them. Just as they do a query to confirm that your store really exists and is reputable?

3.4 Search for good brand information

There is another form of information searching because your brand is too big and your customers trust you very much. So when they want to buy anything, they will go to Google Search for your brand name and go to the website to perform a query.

Above are the sharing things around Search Intent. By understanding the intent and nature of a user's query, you will easily form a content idea that you will have to share with your customers and then easily take money from their pocket. than.

So where is the dialectical correlation between EAT and Search Intent located? Let's find out the next part.

4. Dialectical relationship between EAT and Search Intent

So now let's find out if EAT and Search Intent are related to each other.

Search Intent focuses on understanding customers, the purpose of the search, the need to find their information is used for what?

EAT focuses on specializing the information you share around the industry in which you are in business, but it is extremely reputable and easily responsive for the best user experience.

Search Intent SEO and EAT

So before you implement EAT for your website. The first thing you must do is to classify each Search Intent for your website, corresponding to that Search Intent you should build EAT like?

You plan to carefully analyze the keyword system that you will do SEO is the keyword system? Please classify the keyword system by function, nature or nature of keywords such as:

Primary keywords

Keywords related to main keywords

Product key

Keyword product details

Keyword buy and sell

Keyword price

Question and answer keywords

Keyword review

Keyword time

Local keyword

Keyword definition

Keyword properties

Keyword colors

Keyword size

Brand keywords

Keyword brand variations

Keyword is misspelled


And there are many other types of keywords. Your task is to analyze and gather them for each user's Search Intent. Which keyword group will be in Search Intent to find information. Which keyword group will be in the Search Intent group for purchases. Group keyword will be in the other 2 groups. Do this well before you want to make good content.

After you have done this, then next classify each type of EAT to see for each different EAT, you should share what information with Search Intent to meet the requirements of the user.

Types of EAT:

Information sharing EAT: Needed information to be shared must be valuable, accurate and applicable immediately but must be timely.

EAT in the field of comedy: information must be interactive, widely disseminated and of lasting value.

EAT in the health field: information must be verified, traceable and certified.

EAT in the field of law, finance: information must be 100% accurate, there are minutes, regulations, decrees and resolutions passed.

EAT in the field of machinery: information must contain detailed information about the machine, must have price, ...

EAT in the field of fashion: information must be new, catch up with trends, catch up with the current era ....

EAT in the field of jewelry: must ensure the origin, variety of designs, prices, ....

EAT with situation: must have personal experience to handle and must apply successfully

General EAT of products: product specifications, subject to evaluation

So, apply each of the above EAT categories to identify each type that matches the Search Intent, and when the plan is complete, produce the content to meet the requirements of the user in accordance with Search Intent and standard information according to the EAT. Are you doing well both content and technical?

With the above sharing, we hope to help you reach the top of Google as quickly as possible, but stay on top of Google in the longest way!

I am HuanLenArt. CEO - Founder SEOLENART. You can follow my personal fb at HERE!

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Hope I help you more or less! Please respect me and yourself. Please credit if you like and copy my article!



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