Revealing how to build optimal customer portraits when advertising

Building customer portraits is considered a key and decisive factor in growing the business. This is also a "challenge" not easy for administrators, marketers, because customer portraits are always difficult to grasp, even change in each stage, context, ...

Therefore, increasing the conversion rate of customers from ads is considered a "miracle". The term "Growth Hack" is always used for marketing masters, product development and management teams.

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Building a customer portrait will be a difficult process until you find the right way to track and analyze the surrounding elements. Instead of risking "taking a risk" or relying on luck, research and logical thinking to be able to predict and control the business results of your business.

According to statistics of Delhi School of Internet Marketing. 80% of marketers believe that data affects advertising campaigns. At the same time, 87% of the data that is properly calibrated will be the "main material" used most in the course of the business.

To increase ROI (Return On Investment - Accurate and intentional return, test strategies also need to be based on standard data. Building customer portraits must be based on precise goals, strategic testing and detection of strengths. This building of customer portrait helps marketers be more confident with their strategies.

This article will reveal 5 "secrets" to help marketers build optimal target customer portraits, bringing your advertising campaigns to effective and sustainable:

  1. Understand and empathize with customers

Knowing the habits of customers helps marketers better predict what they are and will be interested in. From there can provide what customers need and turn target customers into buyers.

An understanding and empathetic ad will sink deeply into the minds of readers and viewers. Rich and detailed advertising images will attract customers, marketers can see what they notice and react to the products they see on the ad.

  1. Choose the right advertising channel for your target customers

Based on customer profiles, choose the advertising channels that target customers see, track or online throughout the day. Each channel requires a different advertising strategy, so prioritize the channels being targeted before creating ads. Choosing the right channel will reach the maximum number of target customers, even making them loyal supporters of the business.

According to recent statistics, 96% of B2C businesses choose Facebook as their main advertising platform and 92% of B2B businesses choose Linkedin, it can be seen that businesses are quite focused on choosing an advertising platform. to suit the target customers

  1. Make the most of advertising platforms

SEO tools that allow marketers to test their audience for posts that include search habits and more direct connection with customers. This tool helps find out the issues that customers are interested in, thereby complementing and perfecting the advertising of the business.

Google Keyword Planner is a relatively good support tool for marketers. Taking advantage of Google's vast data warehouse, marketers can fully discover exactly what customers are looking for and give them back as popular keywords. Use Keyword Planner in conjunction with Google and other audience building tools (such as AdWords and Google Analytics) to test and measure how keywords work with the target customer file the business is targeting.

  1. Build customer segments

Customer segmentation is sorting and sorting customers into groups based on needs and shopping behaviors. Dividing into groups helps businesses easily deploy advertising activities and attract more customers.


Using the advertising platform's algorithm to better reach target customers through identifying ideal customer lists, importing lists and creating similar customer groups will help marketers save time and effort. in your advertising campaign.

  1. Optimize customer portraits

After selecting your target segment, marketers can classify preferences to optimize their customer portraits. Proactively testing additional interests is also a good way to find and turn potential customers into "loyal fans" of your business.

Dividing the customer group makes targeting easier, which can build specific advertising actions and bring in more impressive buyers.

Once you have identified customers who are satisfied with your ad and products and services, continue to target other potential audiences. By testing the level of interest, testing new ads above 5% or 10% for target customers, the marketer will gain even more unexpected performance.

Exploiting customer data to develop a strategy to attract customers allows marketers to know exactly how and measure campaign effectiveness. At the same time, better control of the campaign, can adjust everything so that it is suitable for customers and go to revenue efficiency.

Huyen Nguyen - Marketing AI

According to: Marketo Blog

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