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Our Backlink SEO selling service is exclusive of over 100 old PBNs acquired by reputable businesses, companies and organizations combined with new articles on the website with unique creativity that attracts readers and language. keywords need SEO context, pushing TOP Google sustainably and safely with all Google algorithms.

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The process of going backlink manually

Step 1: Receive backlink ordering information from customers, discuss the needs of SEO backlinks, SEO keyword advice as well as check and evaluate the quality of your website.

Step 2: Analyze, assess customer needs for package advice go backlink The most effective way for customers to make the most of your resources, the most cost-effective when buying backlinks.

Step 3: Agreeing on requests from customers, from which a plan to deploy backlink placement, order confirmation, payment confirmation and assigned SEO team to implement.

Step 4. SEO staff implements the posting of manual backlinks daily according to the specific requirements of each customer, based on the keyword file that the customer provides and reports the results of the article links to related customers. procedures for customers to control the situation. Make sure all the three elements are: "Quality, honesty, long-term cooperation ”.

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Diverse PBN Website System

The PBN website system sells a variety of backlinks in various industries, domains such as .com, net, us, vn, org, .. quality, longtime domain and reputation.

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PBN Backlink System Always Updated

Always update the PBN system in both quantity and quality, ensuring the backlink of customers on the system is increasing quality.

Backlink SEO Warranty

Our backlink warranty is over 3 years: If your backlink is lost due to faulty content, or the site has a problem, we completely compensate for quality backlinks instead of you. customers, the equivalent or higher.

Our Commitment When Buying Quality Backlink

Manual backlink price "manual backlink" completely preferential, with separate incentive policies for long-term relationship customers, always working under the vision of "WIN - WIN" for mutual benefits, all together fun.

Price list of SEO backlink services

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