The great strengths of the google analysis tool

Currently, the search on Google is not too strange, from the young to the elderly who also know the Google search application. Therefore, the analysis of user habits and behavior will be a great way for you to map out a business strategy and development that is more suitable for current consumer market for your website. A great tool today can help you a lot in analyzing consumer behavior of customers is Google Analysis. If you don't already know What is google analysis Then join us to find out right in this article.

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How does Google analysis work?

When you sign up for a google analysis account and install it on your own website, you will be provided with a Javascript code and an account ID so that you can attach it to your website.

Two tools such as ID and Javascript code will help you to collect information of users when they visit your website. So how will it track users?

When customers visit the website, google analysis will give them a separate ID account, not duplicate with anyone. It then tracks as well as learns about consumer behavior, usage, time online, geographic location, and which websites the person visited immediately after, and also offers a lot more. Other useful information for you. Once you have the above data, this data will be encrypted, processed and returned to you by the most detailed report displayed on the Google Analysis Dashboard. It is convenient, right! This way, you will know what your current customers are looking for so that you can quickly meet their needs.

The great benefits of Google analysis

If you had known about What is google analysis Then we will immediately introduce to you the great benefits for google analysis offline.

Actually, google analysis has a lot of great advantages for users, especially SEOs.

Google analysis will help you analyze the number of visitors to the website each day. At the same time, you will also know that customers are interested in the products on your website, how long are the visitors, which sections on the website are the most visitors, and your customers view. mainly by computer or phone, and by which browser, which time period are the most visitors?,… That is considered one of the first benefits that google analysis brings to you.

Tracking customer consumer behavior will help you promote strengths to attract and retain your target audience as well as limit existing weaknesses.

In addition, with google analysis you can easily export report files.

You can share access with different administrators using different email addresses.

Google analysis will give you a clearer view of data by motion expressions, by data analysis charts based on time, ...

I think, with the above benefits, google analysis is really a great tool to help you develop your website strongly as well as contribute to make your website attractive and attract more customers. visit more.

A quick guide on how to use google analysis

Here are some ways to help you take full advantage of the google analysis tool to bring high efficiency to your website.

  • To see the overview report, go to: Reports -> Dashboard -> My Dashboard. At this time, the report screen will appear all the indicators such as: what is the access device, the page overview, ...

  • To see the number of visitors go to: Real Time -> Overview.

  • To see and check the keywords that make users visit the website a lot, go to: Attraction -> Keywords -> Basic.

  • To see the consumer behavior of customers, you go to: Behavior -> Behavioral traffic.

Hope the above information helps you understand more about google analysis, the benefits as well as how to use google analysis effectively. Good luck

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