Understanding Customers Through Landing Page Sales

Understanding Customers Through Landing Page Sales

Landing Page sales

The sales page is an independent page created with a specific purpose to ensure sales of your product. The product or service you're selling on your site may vary depending on your industry or niche. However, the purpose of your sales page remains the same - drive visitors to convert into customers.

The sales page is another type of landing page after the click that is divided into two main categories:

Long sales pages
Short sales pages
Both types of sales pages are very similar in design. They contain a product pitcher that your visitors go through and decide if they want to click on a call to action (CTA).

The only difference between a long and short sales page is the actual length of the page.

Short sales page

Here is an example of Ramit Sethi's "Find a Dream Job" short form sales brochure:


The page has:

Long subject line explaining why you need to download "Secret Dream Job"
The picture shows the cover and title of the guide
Bullets explain what you'll get after converting on the form
Rami Sethi's statement about "$ 10,000 in 10 minutes," followed by a short trailer telling you his resume - reputable execution
Visual cues direct you to the CTA button and the image
A short lead collection form asking for your name and email address
CTA button contrasts in color with “100% privacy. No games, No BS, No spam ”disclaimers
The logo of reputable publications where an author and his products have been featured
A short sales page is like a regular landing page after click and should include the same page elements. To learn more about post-click landing pages and how to optimize them, visit here.

Long sales page

The long sales page is exactly what it sounds like - a long page explaining what a product is as much detail as necessary. It is also commonly referred to as a "sales letter". The page forwards all information about the offer so the visitor can make an informed decision.

Although a long sales page includes all the elements of a short sales page (i.e. the headline, form, CTA button, and image), the "hero" of the page is a copy because that's what really matters. The number of copies makes the sales page long, which is why the copy should get the most attention.

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Most long form sales sites are unpopular with the audience, and here are four main reasons why:

Most of the pages have a unique design.
They have low readability
Copies are written in an exaggerated manner with various exclamation marks and colored paragraphs
Many products or services sold through long sales pages are scams, which is why their reputation is always a question mark.
The Pythagorean Plans page is a great example of a faulty sales page. The overall tone of the page is a bit off, and the "Dear Friend" greeting looks very fake:


There is only one image on the page and a dotted red font accent different parts of the pitch. However, this only makes the page design look deceptive.

Amazon ads on the left side of the page are also distracting and less valuable. The page also has loads of navigation links in the left margin, giving the visitor plenty of opportunities to navigate away from the page:

Sale Landing Page
Sale Lannding Page

Other sales page, landing page and homepage

Post-click landing pages and sales pages are the same because they are both independent sites with a specific goal in mind. Both the click-and-sales landing page have the following elements:

CTA button
Lead capture form
Trust metrics (testimonials, customer badges, company logos, confirmations, disclaimers)

However, long form sales pages differ from regular after-click landing pages because the first pages tend to be quite long when it comes to copying.

On the other hand, the homepage and the sales page are two completely different websites. Your home page discusses all the products and services your company offers while the sales page discusses only one offer and attracts visitors to sign up for that unique offer. .

The site has all of the services listed with navigation links that take visitors to other pages on the site.

The shorter homepage compared to the agency's long form sale page outlined in chapter 1. But the following section discusses the offer so much that it answers all the questions a visitor may have.

Hope this article will help you understand a part about Landing Page sales.

Translator: Thu Ngann

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