Understanding Viral Marketing Is The Fastest Way To Reach Customers

Understanding Viral Marketing Is The Fastest Way To Reach Customers

I, you, we don't know anyone about Corona Virus, a national concern.

Read articles about an increasing case, are you sad?

See pictures of young people hiding, are you angry?

Even after reading, you are ready to post the pictures of the doctors as a message to join hands to repel Covid.

But, if you think, do you know why the word Corona goes into life through the way we share, as well as the images of the epidemic appearing on Social Media channels? I call them the Viral Marketing form. Let Ngan learn how Viral Content as well as Viral Marketing method to create a Brand for your business!

So What Is Viral Content?

What is viral content
What Is Viral Content

Most successful brands are largely due to Viral Content. Viral Content is roughly translated as content spreading, including all video content, images, content articles ... you often see on facebook. Viral Marketing is the right thing to do to create a storm of sharing and spreading like a virus in the community. Since then, the brand of the business has gradually entered the life of consumers.

So what do you think makes your Viral Content widely shared? Is that lucky? Or when readers are having fun, so they share, will they delete your post? What is the way you create an effective Viral Content?

We Should Understand The Nature Of Viral

According to Ngan, Jonah Berger, a marketing professor at the University of Pennsylvania and an expert on social influences. He has worked hard at analyzing thousands of viral content to understand what forces people to share it. You can find more through the book "Why Things Catch On".

Jonah Berger points out to us that the success of the content spread so that everyone should share it within the 6 "STEPPS" elements. Includes: social currency, triggers, emotion, public, practical value and stories.

6 General Principles In Viral Marketing

6 General Principles In Viral Marketing
6 General Principles In Viral Marketing

Social Currency: There is something about "eight"

We often talk about issues that concern us a lot. Grasping that mentality of content creators is to help businesses and brands create stories, special topics, create attention, care for them to express their views and share their brand story. So we automatically promote products without having to spend Marketing costs.

Social Currency can be trends, ideas in the readers' environment, can also be personal ideas unique, strange and different. But still bring value to the reader. Your job is to identify the right audience you want to target. People like to share things that make them interesting instead of bland, smart instead of stupid, and cool instead of boring. Give customers the opportunity to become interesting people like the story created under the lid of Snapple bottle. Get everyone recognized and shared widely.

Trigger: Associate

Referring to Coca Cola, I think of the warmth, reunion of the New Year. The red and white images and stories the brand gives us to share when we talk about them. Or when Philip Kotler is mentioned, he only thinks about Marketing.

So how to mention you, to the brand you are writing Content people also think of a certain image. According to Ngan, we need to make content that is the product created by you first, not overlapping with the content already on the market. Or if it's existing information you need to approach it in a new direction. Because if you imitate or repeat existing ideas, they will lose brand value in the hearts of customers. Whether our product is highly Viral or not, it also has your style. Make people mention it when you mention it.

Emotion: Emotions

When sharing content, you should share your feelings. Emotions can be positive or negative. When readers feel angry or cute, it is time to hit the psychology of customers, make customers share. It is emotions that make people act (share).

Feelings of fear and excitement motivate people to share content. Making content should use words like value, flexible activation and use exclamation points, creating thoughts for readers. Creating audience-centric works that interest them is the best way to engage them.

Public: The public

You know at Steve Job that the Logo turns to the opposite side. That's how to create crowds, stimulate demand. People often act in accordance with the crowd and like to show the crowd.

Public events and news often have better prices than advertised content. Ask yourself: Is there anything preventing your readers from sharing this article? Sensitive topics, polarized comments, and irrelevant information are all things that can keep your readers from sharing. Always create content that your audience can proudly share.

Practical Values: Actual value

In addition to understanding, people also want to be helped with the information they share. Content with actual value must be appropriate and informative. Consider your audience for benefits or pain points. What questions do they have? What information can they seek?

For example, if you know your target audience is made up of recent graduates looking to buy a car, give car maintenance advice or answer frequently asked questions about Buy a new car. This not only encourages sharing but also facilitates better engagement of the time spent on a page. Content may be returned multiple times and used as a resource will remain valid

Stories: Stories

Great storytelling is the key to great content marketing. Information is best absorbed when it is integrated into a story because stories can really change the way we think and feel - that's science. Coming up with great brand content ideas telling a story is the best way to convey a message. Give your readers fuel for lunch room chats or chat with coffee maker. Make sure your brand is indispensable in the story, but also get your readers or viewers into it. Make your audience the hero of the story and they will tell it over and over again.

When content goes viral, it seems like luck or opportunity - but in reality, these six STEPS are the key. What tips have you implemented in your branded content campaigns? Even including a few of them will increase the shareability of your content.

As a content maker, we should always ask three questions:

What do readers want to read, listen to, watch and care about?

What content do customers want to share?

How to help customers share the most convenient?

Writer: Thu Ngann

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