What is brief? How many briefs are used today?

When doing marketing campaigns or any other activity, the first thing that companies and businesses have to do is make a summary. A brief tells the manager what the business will have to do and what to do when making strategies. At the same time can determine whether the strategy is feasible or not. So What is brief? How many briefs are there? Let's Writing Posts Xuyen Viet Find out in the article below.

What is Brief

What is brief? Brief is understood as a summary that a customer provides to marketing service companies. The summaries will contain information necessary to help the service provider understand its own requirements.

A highly regarded summary usually contains the following basic information:

  • Provide necessary information about customers.

  • Given the needs customers want to address.

  • Inspire people to implement that project, strategy.

What is brief?

What is brief?

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How many types of brief?

After knowing what a brief is, Writing Article Xuyen Viet will share with you the current popular briefs. Two types of briefs are currently in common use:

Communication brief

This is the summary used between client and account department in agency. This summary provides all necessary information about the project. The main content of this summary is as follows:

  • Project: Purpose of implementing the strategy.

  • Client: Investment unit.

  • Brand: Information brand. Include everything you need to know and have to learn about the brand.

  • Project description: Describe the full and detailed requirements of the project.

  • Brand background: Background information on market analysis, brand analysis, competitor, competitor's strengths, weaknesses, ...

  • Objectives: The purpose of the communication to be done when executing the strategy.

  • Target Audience: Target audience.

  • Coverage: Location of implementation.

  • Budget: The budget for the campaign.

  • Timing: Time to present ideas.

This summary is only preliminary, after the two sides meet and discuss more thoroughly, the Agency will continue to give more detailed briefs.

Currently, briefs are divided into two categories: communication brief and creative brief

Currently, briefs are divided into two categories: communication brief and creative brief

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Creative brief

After having brief communication in hand, the account will select the important information to transfer to the Creative team. This information should ensure the short, concise element, providing all the information that the creative team needs to use.

Many of you still wonder why don't give brief communication to the creative team. The simple reason is that a lot of information in communication briefs is not needed for creative teams.

The main contents of creative brief include:

  • Job description: Describe specific jobs.

  • Target Audience: Target customer information.

  • SMP (Single - Minded - Proosition): The most difference of products has a great impact on customers.

  • Key Response: The objective of the customer action after the campaign takes place.

  • Budget: The budget for the campaign.

Elements of the standard brief

Knowing what the brief definition is will make it easier for you to produce a standard summary. Some of the factors that make up a quality resume you should check out are as follows:

Short, easy to understand

Character summaries are brief but still must convey full information to the agency company. The information given in the brief should be core, concise, and absolutely not lengthy.

Each content needs specific goals and responsibilities. This is very important and greatly appreciated, making the content more complete. The content of the summary should answer the following questions:

  • What is the problem that needs to be resolved?

  • Who is the target audience?

  • Products and services targeted in the campaign.

The goal of the campaign

Any campaign must set specific goals so that the agency can try to accomplish it and achieve it within the allotted time. What do you expect after implementing the campaign will get, this is the part you must convey to the agency to understand.

The summary should be neat, easy to understand and have a clear, specific goal

The summary should be neat, easy to understand and have a clear, specific goal

Identify competitors

Accurately identify your competitors, bring out your competitors' differences from you. This is the basis for you to make your campaign more effective. At the same time grasp the accurate and positive direction in complete planning.

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Any strategy requires a specific execution time. This part of time is for you to determine the results and is the basis for agency to carry out the project on schedule.

So, Viet Bai Xuyen Viet shared what the brief was and helpful information related to the brief. A standard summary needs to be sure to provide enough information for the agency to run the campaign for the best results.

What are the contents related to Brief? How many briefs are used today? at our homepage Writing Articles Xuyen Viet.


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