What is Guideline? Guideline's role in brand development

Businesses will be more successful in branding when the corporate image becomes more consistent and retained in the minds of customers. Therefore, building a consistent brand image is an indispensable element in the success of the business. Guideline plays no small part in this process.

Troubleshooting What is Guideline?

Guideline is simply understood as a set of rules that explain how the brand works and stands out. Usually, Guideline will include guidelines and regulations on the use of elements that play an important role in promoting the brand in corporate media publications.

What is guideline

In addition, Guideline also contributes to helping stakeholders related to media projects to leverage brand elements to promote brand image. As such, Guideline will relate to product packaging design, Website design, uniforms or products for the proper Marketing process.

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Basic information is transferred via Guideline

The basic information conveyed through the Guideline usually includes many elements. If you need an idea for a quality Guideline, then you need to focus on the factors listed below:

  • Brand image

  • Declaration on the brand mission

  • Overview of the history and value of the brand

  • Typewriter style and specific display font

  • Main display color of Official Website

  • Logo, Logo size and related designs

Advantages Guideline brings

It is not coincidence that Guideline is invested by businesses. All thanks to the practical advantages that Guideline brings. Typically as:

Help brands be easily identified

The first important role that Guideline brings is to help businesses build a brand, providing an overview of brand information to help partners easily remember and identify the brand.

What is guideline

Support brand positioning

Branding is an important factor that helps businesses easily identify potential customers and partners that meet the needs of the business. These are the reasons why Guideline businesses are often more successful and have more favorable conditions in the development process.

Make a difference project

In the current competitive market, it is not easy to make a difference for the real brand. This is also the core point that helps businesses gain advantage over competitors.

Brand mission direction

Through Guideline, employees of the enterprise will easily understand the mission that the company is oriented. Business development in the right direction and strong in the future or not depends greatly on this factor.

What is guideline

Creating the unity of the brand

Brands want to leave a mark in the hearts of customers, partners and consumers, they need a consistent color, logo, logo. Having outstanding Guideline, in particular, and in color, will contribute significantly to the success of the business.

Highlight creativity

Many people think that Guideline holds back creativity but it is not. In fact, Guideline is an effective tool to help businesses highlight creativity while ensuring aesthetic, layout and color requirements. It can be said that the more Guideline details the creativity of the brand interface.

Help save time

Designers will save considerable time in searching for normative information of design products thanks to the suggestions given by Guideline. In addition, Guideline also helps save time for the development of basic designs later.

Help employees better understand corporate culture

Through Guideline, when recruiting new employees for businesses, trainers will not need to spend too much time in the process of training personnel. Besides, the new employees and the veteran system will also better understand the culture of the business.

What is guideline
What is guideline

In other words, Guideline is an effective, simple and optimal tool to help the company's staff approach and better understand the culture of the business.


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Hopefully after referencing the above, you have the answer to the question What is Guideline. It can be seen that Guideline is really an extremely useful tool to help strengthen the image of the brand in the minds of consumers.

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