What is a Net Profit? Why must calculate net interest?

In business, the detailed calculation of indicators of revenue, costs, profits is essential. This helps businesses to accurately identify the market situation and the ability to effectively trade products and services. From there, make a decision on what the business should do next to improve business results. Post below, Writing Posts Xuyen Viet Share you the useful information about What is net profit?. Find out now!

What is Net Profit?

Net profit in English is called Net Profit. This is the difference between the total business revenue after deducting all expenses constituting that product or service. Net profit is an important indicator in financial statements. All businesses and companies are very interested in this index.

In accounting terms, profit is called net profit. The method of calculating the main net profit is equal to the gross profit minus the related costs. Currently, there are many ways to define net profit. However, the simplest interpretation is the remaining amount after deducting all expenses.

What is Net Profit

What is Net Profit?

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Net profit is also known as net profit. Each country will have different ways of calling net interest. The formula is as simple as this:

Net profit = Total revenue - Operating expenses - Corporate income tax.

In particular, corporate income tax is often quite high, affecting product costs. To ensure the optimal price of products and services, businesses often try to cut operating costs. Normally, operating expenses only about 30% of sales will be profitable.

What is the net profit margin

Besides what is Net Profit, there is a new concept that economists - accountants are interested in about the net profit margin. The rate of return tells you how much profit makes up of the total revenue of the business when doing business. Based on this rate, you can easily tell if the business is profitable or faulty.

After calculating the net rate of return, you compare it to 0. There are two situations:

  • The after-tax profit value is> 0 and the bigger it is -> Prove that the company has profits, even big profits

  • Profit after tax value <0 -> The company is currently trading at a loss.

The net profit formula is based on the revenue and operating expenses that make up the product

The net profit formula is based on the revenue and operating expenses that make up the product

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Accordingly, businesses need to come up with business directions and strategies that are more in line with the market situation. At the same time, the company should have contingency business plans for unfortunate events.

The ratio of net profit depends and the two main factors are business characteristics and business lines. Depending on the different industries, the margins are not the same and have completely different effects.

To compare the net profit margin, the company should use the after-tax profit value. The comparison is made between enterprises in the same industry and must be compared at the same time. This ensures objectivity and high accuracy.

Why must calculate net interest?

After knowing what Net Profit is, find out why companies and businesses need to calculate net profit? Some reasons the company needs to calculate Net Profit net profit as follows:

Used for ratio analysis and financial statement analysis

This is something you can easily recognize when calculating net interest. In all financial statements is certainly indispensable net profit index. Based on these indicators, experts can identify and analyze the business situation of the company a lot easier.

Net profit greatly affects the decision whether or not to continue trading in that product or service. If the profits are good, the business will still be carried out, even increasing the product. However, when the profit is not good, enterprises are forced to suspend their business. At the same time offering other more suitable options to continue to make a profitable business.

Net profit ratio helps businesses analyze situation and reinvest

The net profit index helps businesses analyze the situation and reinvest

Affect company internal affairs

After the business is profitable, net profit is the amount of money that the company's shareholders will own. For example, with joint stock companies and limited liability companies with 2 or more members, based on this net profit, shareholders will make a decision whether to continue for this person to continue to manage and implement the corporate business strategy or not.

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Above, Writing Article Xuyen Viet has shared with you useful information about what Net Profit is. This is one of the indicators to aid in researching the situation and making decisions about whether to reinvest or not. Based on this index, the company can even more easily borrow capital to continue implementing other business strategies.

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